As much as I’d love to attack these two for animal cruelty, it’s hard. Look at them. They look terrible. They need intervention and to be, Actually they DO need to be kidnapped and placed in a treatment facility. The only thing that’s holding these two captive is METH. It’s completely destroying their lives.

Cobb County, GA – When Cobb County police received a 911 call Monday morning, it seemed dire. A man, Andrew Douglas, was saying that he and his wife were being held hostage by an armed man in their Marietta home, according to police.

But when officers showed up, there was no armed kidnapper and no one was being held hostage, officials said.

Instead, they found five animals living in deplorable conditions and evidence of methamphetamine usage, police allege in arrest warrants obtained by

Douglas, 30, and his wife, Krystle Sunbury Cranmer, were charged with possession of meth and cruelty to animals, according to the warrants. Douglas was also charged with the false report of a crime.

According to a recording of the 911 call obtained by Channel 2 Action News, Douglas allegedly accosted a woman at a Marietta ATM and told her to call 911 to report a hostage situation at their nearby home on Macby Walk.

Two dogs and three cats were found at the “uninhabitable” home, according to Cobb police.

“There were animal feces and urine throughout the house as well as copious amounts of trash,” Cobb County police spokeswoman Officer Sarah O’Hara said.

The animals were placed with more suitable family members, O’Hara said.

Police also found two glass pipes, which contained residue of “what appeared to be methamphetamine,” the warrant stated.