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Now for the updated story posted 9 months after the ORIGINAL story was published.

This picture ABOVE is from a reenactment that Anson Parker decided to have in order to what he calls EDUCATE others on the history of slavery.

Anson Parker was allegedly engaged to fiance now deceased Molly Meghan Miller. 9 months ago Molly went missing from her home and was reported 24 hours later as a missing person. I’ll explain the reason for me stating “ALLEGED FIANCE.”

APPARENTLY, Molly and Anson were together inside of their home while Anson prepared dinner for the two of them.

Some time goes by and Anson realizes that Molly isn’t there. Let’s just assume that he searched the house, including the bedrooms, bathroom, etc. It was 20 degrees outside in Virginia and it was night time. Perhaps around 8 p.m. I’ve verified that From Anson Parkers page, he did indeed publicly inquire about his beloved fiance at the time. He stated that he was kinda worried about her. Molly’s mom stresses that he, Anson was the love of her life. But he’s only kinda worried.

Turns out that after Molly is reported missing, a massive search begins for her. Dogs are called out. The whole 9. Strangely enough, she’s not found. According to the media source in CVille, a search was done on her home that lasted for 9 minutes. No body was found.

Here’s where the story gets strange. There’s another man claiming his love for Molly. His name is Edward Thomas. This is his statement regarding their relationship.

In a prepared statement, Thomas explained his messages to them as a search for answers.

“I have serious questions about the suspicious death of Molly Meghan Miller, my girlfriend, partner and lover of over six years, and how the search for her when she was a missing person was conducted, how the subsequent investigation was conducted after her body was found in her own house,” he said. “My questioning, it seems,

is making people nervous.”

This statement was made by him in an effort to get his voice heard. According to the news, here’s a clip,

[Miller’s mother, Marian McConnell, told Charlottesville General District Court Judge Bob Downer that local artist Edward Thomas had sent her dozens of disturbing messages and that she feared running into him when she visits Miller’s fiance in Charlottesville.

Miller’s fiance, Anson Parker, said he too had received disturbing messages from Thomas, and he cited drone footage of his property as well as photos taken inside another friend’s home as evidence of the harassment.]

Basically Molly’s mother, her ex fiance and another man have all come forth asking for restraining orders against him. And all of the requests have been granted.

I recall a time in my life when I demanded answers and fought for justice and that I myself was trespassed. Yeah, that happened. BUT Sometimes while seeking justice, one might send messages and knock on doors trying to get answers. Well if the doors you’re banging on have something to hide or they decide to exercise their rights to get you off their property, by law you will look guilty every time.

Thomas is right in his feelings that something is wrong, but he went about doing it the only way he knew how, unfortunately he’s the bad guy now.

Let’s go deeper. Who is Anson Parker? Here’s a story that you might find interesting. He ran for city council… and there are his mugshots.

Republican City Council candidate Anson Parker is not the first person running for office with an arrest record—Wes Bellamy had his own bout with unresolved traffic tickets two years ago. (Traffic tickets)? Really? Parker has racked up three arrests for public drunkenness since 2006, with the most recent in January of this year. He also was charged with obstruction of justice in 2007—and found not guilty.

Parker, 37, a computer programmer, tells C-VILLE what happened with each of his charges, starting with his first drunk in public arrest at 3:50am June 25, 2006. “This is the time I was quite literally crawling home,” he writes in an e-mail. “The officer told me to stop and I tried to crawl faster…. rather pitiful….” He was found guilty in absentia and paid the $25 fine and $86 in court costs July 10, 2006.

On March 23, 2007, Parker was charged with obstruction of justice and later found not guilty. He says his friend was in an accident and “kinda loopy” and he was trying to help. In his explanation to some officers, he says he may have been a bit brusque. A week later at a March 30, 2007, hearing, a judge found him not guilty.

His August 18, 2012, DIP arrest was “a bit of a mess,” concedes Parker. He says he had about a week in between his apartment getting torn down and closing on his house, so he spent a few days sleeping by the river and had “several beverages” to make sleeping simpler. He says he awoke to police officers asking where he lived, and when he explained his situation, they “were pretty nonplussed,” and said, “Since you don’t have a home, we’re going to provide one.” Parker pleaded guilty and prepaid the $106 fine and costs, according to court records.

Parker attributes his most recent January 24 drunk in public arrest to the open bar at a beer festival and “those porter stouts.” The police officer who arrested him was en route to jail and saw a white male stumble across Ridge Street at Cherry Avenue in front of traffic. The suspect was belligerent, had slurred speech and smelled strongly of alcohol, according to the officer’s report. “Truth is I wiped out right in front of two cops,” says Parker, who claims he was a block away from his house. “Soooo close…could see the front door.”

Parker reminds us that his arrests are not his only mischief, and points to his patent for making THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, out of bacteria. He also says he was thrown out of UVA after 9-11 for making a peace sign. “That was fairly epic,” he says.

As for whether his arrests will affect his chance at election in the Dem-heavy town that already makes the chance of a Republican getting elected slim, Parker says he’s more interested in getting people to use the Cville Council Us app he’s developed that allows citizens to weigh in on issues and learn about cool things in the city: “So if I can get 1,000 people to download the app, I’ve done pretty well, if I can get 5,000 I’ve totally won—even if none of those people vote for me…. just that the technology is in place and there’s a means for people to communicate with the city at a granular level.”

Ok end of story,

So he’s a REPUBLICAN! Shocking because the love of his life was a leaning Democrat. Her disdain for Trump means that she could’ve been Republican as well, but simply detested Trump. I’m certain that a serious amount of tension engulfed their relationship. Why? I’m black and my son voted for Trump. I don’t like that kid anymore.

Politics either bring couples together or it divides them. Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria. Opposing views, marriage ended.

So then we have Thomas who claims that she was his girlfriend of 6 years. Was he delusional? He states that during the search for Molly that his home was thoroughly searched. Every nook and cranny was tossed. His phone was searched in an effort to find clues to where Molly could be.

My question is who instigated the searches? Someone decided that it was necessary to lead the officers and send them in the direction of Thomas’s house. Who Could That someone have been? I am certain that these police officers were not aware of Molly’s relationships. I am certain that they did not know that Molly had a fiance when the initial call came through, and I’m also certain that they were not aware of her relationship with Thomas. Responding officers are fed information and based on the information that they are given, that is what they run with. Usually whoever arrives first is the one who sets the stage for the investigation. I believe that Parker told the police to make a visit to Thomas’s house. I believe it is also possible that the police did not search the house that night. What was it about Thomas that made the police so suspicious? Could it have been his actions or could it have been Word of Mouth?

Example, I call 911 and I tell them that my neighbor is bothering me, I also tell them that my neighbor is armed and brandished a weapon. Or at least I think he did. What do you think the cops reaction will be once they get that information? When they approach that neighbor’s house, they will be extremely cautious. Why, because of what I have told them. Maybe I lied, so what. In this scenario I have an ulterior motive. I want to get my neighbour in trouble. What did Anson Parker say to the police?

Molly Miller was a woman of principles. She spoke against what affected her And others. I respect her for that and after visiting her page and reading her posts, she has substance. Some men might be intimated by her.

Back to that night. Molly is missing. And let’s assume that Thomas is crazy. Let’s assume that he’s a mental case. That means that Anson knew this. And that’s why he told officers to search his home. All of a sudden Molly is found. Well despite the fact that Thomas is insane, shouldn’t Anson Parker be furious? Shouldn’t HE be the one angry, hurt, and disgusted that nothing is being done to find Molly’s killer? I mean after all, he loves her.

And there’s this weird psycho harassing them as a couple. Question. Why didn’t Molly have an order of protection against Thomas? Why did the parents need one all of a sudden? Wouldn’t it have been more understandable if Thomas was stalking, harassing, texting and acting bizarre while she’s alive? What benefit would he have to act out now that she’s dead?

Unless he’s truly seeking answers and trying to come to terms with his loss.

He thinks they killed her. I believe he thinks that Anson did it.

Anson Parker is not a dummy. He’s a science guy. He specifically works with herbs and plants. He brags about creating some form of THC. He’s into alternative medicine. What if he gave Molly a lethal dose of something?

ANOTHER Story clip from the mother’s own admission.

McConnell has previously suggested her daughter killed herself as a side effect of the herbal supplement Kratom, which Miller reportedly took to treat pain from endometriosis. McConnell has also urged the public not to question the cause of her daughter’s death or to criticize the investigation but to instead celebrate her daughter’s life.

Question, how does one kill themselves as a side effect?

Who created this concoction for Molly? Did Anson give her a deadly combo?

I believe it’s true that she may have had cancer, but mom states that Molly took KRATOM for other reasons.

[Kratom is a tropical tree in Southeast Asia. Its leaves have been used for hundreds of years to relieve pain. They can be eaten raw, but more often they’re crushed and brewed as tea or turned into capsules, tablets, and liquids.

In low doses, kratom acts as a stimulant. In large amounts, it acts as a sedative, and the DEA says it can lead to psychotic symptoms and psychological addiction. According to the CDC, about 42% of cases of kratom use reported between 2010 and 2015 involved non-life-threatening symptoms that required some treatment. About 7% of exposures were classified as major and life-threatening. The DEA says it knows of 15 kratom-related deaths between 2014 and 2016.]

So it is possible that her death was accidental. But if that is the case, it also seems like someone tried to cover up her death. Kratom can be purchased online. SO we really have no guarantee where she got the stuff.

But we KNOW That her body was found inside of the home that she allegedly went missing from.

And we have 3 options.

The Charlottesville police are incompetent idiots and didn’t search the house.

The police DID search the house but her body had been hidden elsewhere by Parker. Perhaps he was afraid and decided to place the suspicions on Thomas. He needed to provide Space and time between he and Molly. And making sure that he told everybody that she’d left does exactly that. It takes responsibility away from him. It puts her out of his care. It abandons her to be just a lady out at night all alone where ANYTHING could happen. He didn’t accept the ride to go search for her offered by an acquaintance. Why Not?

Anson Parker needs attention. Googling his name brings up a patent application, mugshots, a run for city council, a story where he dictates verbally the death of a neighbor. So he is known throughout his town I’m guessing. He’s probably got a reputation to uphold. Clearly he wasn’t affected by his run ins with the law because he’s very arrogant and cocky on his mugshot pictures. That’s a sign that he thinks he’s above the law and makes a joke of it. He could be very childish or he could be a narcissist.

Oh and number 3, Thomas is a psycho. He was with Molly when she took the Kratom. She died at his house and late in the midnight hours, he took her back to her house, and placed her body inside while Parker slept.

Lets ask one final question

What determined the fact that her death was a suicide if she died from an accidental overdose? If Kratom did indeed kill her, what’s the proof that she wanted to die?