I don’t know who this guy is or what his party affiliation is, but all these people accusing you, something must be true about it. Bill Cosby just got arrested today and will be serving time in prison for his crimes. I read the Allegations against this guy in the story and my question is this. WHY WOULD THEY LIE ON HIM? OF ALL THE MEN IN THE WORLD, WHY HIM? Because he’s guilty as fuck. Do you know how many men are in politics? So you realize that any man can get accused right? And you realize that any man from any party can be accused right? So why him? What’s so special about him? HE DID IT!!! DUH. They are going after him because he FUCKING did it. I’ve got brothers. Nobody has come forth about them doing anything to any one. Why? They haven’t done anything to anyone! It’s common sense. This amount of women coming forth can’t be a lie. I’ve got a couple people who I have in my head who hurt me and NOBODY KNOWS. Police reports were made. If the time ever came to release their names I would. They aren’t public figures so what’s the point of bringing it up? But if I EVER found out that they were, my story would come out and I’d make it public.

Many times we women just take it and move on. Things that happen at parties, things you blame yourself for, things that you realize you should have been smarter about become water under the bridge until you see another woman going through the same thing. If your attacker is the same guy who attacked them, you might decide to come clean. I’m no longer affected by what those idiots did. Im a happily married woman with a fantastic hubby. But I’d most DEFINITELY join forces if need be.

Don’t be so quick to discredit women who don’t say anything. Rape is hard to prove. Drunken idiots who’ve had too much to drink who grope you, throw you on a bed, attempt to penetrate you but are stopped halfway through the attempted assault are HARD TO PROVE. We women just move on. When your drink is spiked and you can’t remember what happened that night. So you decide to keep quiet while you piece together your memories is real. That shit happens all the time. And it’s the judgement of others that keeps women silent for years. It’s not that they have nothing to say, it’s that they don’t have time for judgements and ignorance.