This is discriminatory. But so is shooting unarmed black men. So… yeah I’m agreeing with the owner of this truck. That’s THEIR right to refuse service. During the 2008 elections, DOCTORS AND RESTAURANTS put up signs that stated if you voted for Obama that you weren’t welcome. So in the spirit of things, this lady is exercising her rights to refuse service. I don’t feel safe around police either. I don’t care how many good ones there are, I don’t like any of them and wish they’d go away. They are a waste of taxpayer money.

And in the story it mentions that the officers were driving around in an unmarked black SUV. Honestly I can’t stand pigs. Why do they need unmarked vehicles? They aren’t keeping our streets safe, they are blatant bullies. In the white wealthier neighborhoods they actually patrol the community to keep what they STEREOTYPE as undesirables out and in the poor black neighborhood they bully, assault, intimidate and use scare tactics to keep blacks and other people of color in line.

I commend this company for standing up for what they believe. Good for them.

And remember, 50 years ago, maybe a little longer, blacks were refused service. Just let that sink in. Two wrongs don’t make a right. But police do what’s called profiling us. They categorise us and demonize blacks based on their own stupid views. So it’s only fair that the public gives them a taste of their own medicine.