Florida prosecutors have charged Michael Drejka — who shot and killed a man over a parking spot in July — in a reversal of a sheriff’s decision not to bring charges, which prompted debate over “stand your ground” laws.

Drejka, 48, was arrested and charged with manslaughter Monday by the state attorney for Pinellas County in western Florida, authorities said. He is being held on $100,000 bond in the killing of Markeis McGlockton, 28, in Clearwater.

In court documents, prosecutors allege Drejka has brandished firearms or threatened to shoot other drivers during confrontations in at least three other incidents, including at the same store.

The July 19 shooting was the culmination of a heated but brief exchange between the two men. Drejka confronted McGlockton’s girlfriend about her vehicle parked in a handicap spot at a convenience store while McGlockton was inside with their 5-year-old son.

Wow!!! So I literally just wrote a blog giving my opinion on this guy and actually gave him support for operating under STAND YOUR GROUND. Well this dude may have acted according to the law as far as the surveillance camera could see, but in the past, he’s a bully who pulls out his gun on anyone he sees fit.

He’s pulled out his gun on several people in the past. Teenagers who didn’t go through the yellow light. People driving too slow. Anything he found frustrating or annoying, his God complex would intervene and he’d get itchy to grab his gun.

He brandished it several times.

So in the initial story, charges were not to be filed against Michael. It appeared to be a clear case of self defense. Well I agreed with that and still do. Why? The video. That’s probably what I would have done.

But… let’s switch gears.

We need to get smarter. This man is a narcissistic fool who needs to be fed. He craves drama and demands power. He’s waiting for someone to bite. He’s literally driving around waiting to find someone just like Markeis who will hit him first and he can claim self defense. That’s why I can’t change my mind. If you’re locked into your ego and you get shot, you can’t blame anybody else but yourself. The object is to ALWAYS get to safety. Not to instigate or to indulge in foolish parking lot arguments. There are plenty people out there, waiting to kill. Thirsty for it and here you come along and fight with them giving them EVERYTHING they need. STOP IT!! STOP FIGHTING WITH PEOPLE. Ignore them. Walk away. Try to be at peace.

Had Markeis admitted that he was wrong or in the least, ignored Michael and walked away, he’d be alive today with his family. But no, He fell right into this psychos trap. And I’m certain that Michael got A Rush from shooting him.

Let’s go here.

You’ve got to know that racism still exists right? You’ve got to know that there are white men who want to kill a black man. You’ve got to know that many whites hate blacks. They hate the very sight of us. We don’t have to do anything wrong and they’d want us dead.

I’m a black woman married to a black man. I’m not dumb. I wish it wasn’t this way for us, but that’s what it is. But I blogged about a black man pulling a gun on my hubby last year. Now if a black man is willing to shoot his own, you better believe that some back woods, trigger happy white man would be eager to gun him down for no reason at all.

Lets be real. Crime crosses all races and frankly I don’t see either race as better than the other, especially when it involves gun violence.

In this story my opinion was don’t break the law and you won’t have to deal with people like Michael Drejka. Specifically because he’s targeting people who HE FEELS is breaking the law.

Once again. Folks are nosey. They wanna know why you’re swimming in their pool even though you live in the complex. They wanna know if the little black girl has a permit to sell cold water at a sporting event. They want to know everything.

DONT give these nosey, trouble making morons any attention. Don’t give them anything to talk about or accuse you of. Walk away from these racist sacks of shit and act like they don’t exist. Because they don’t mean any good to anybody. They aren’t productive members of society, they don’t deserve our respect.