Norfolk, VA – A Norfolk married couple is accused of sex crimes. The victim told investigators she was drunk when they allegedly took advantage of her, but defense attorneys aren’t sure that’s the case.

“I think the case is still very premature, but I think all the signs point to consensual conduct,” said attorney Erick Korslund.

“Anytime you have a case that involves a sexual crime it’s troubling,” added attorney Andy Protogyrou. “Each rape you’re looking at a maximum of life in prison.”

The alleged crime happened August 4 on Peronne Avenue. 10 On Your Side was told one suspect, Monique Litchmore, met a woman on the popular app Bumble. The two women, along with Litchmore’s husband, Syed Stubbs, went clubbing. They then came back to the couple’s home.

“They all end up in bed together,” said Protogyrou, who is representing Stubbs. “In turn you have a woman the next morning or at some point within five days taking a warrant out.”

Police charged Syed and Litchmore with rape on August 9. Prosecutors say the victim says she passed out and woke up to sexual acts being performed on her.

The couple’s defense attorneys say the victim’s actions will prove it wasn’t rape. Korslund, who is representing Litchmore, says he has text messages from the victim to his client the morning after.

“She was asking ‘was this awkward for you?'” Korslund. “‘I hope you don’t mind that I’m crossing the lines for your husband.’ Things of that effect. No indication that she was forced to do anything or that anything was done to her without her being a willing participant.”

Both husband and wife are now out on bond. They will have preliminary hearings October 30.

So I can’t say that this site Bumble is only a dating website. It’s supposed to be a social site used for networking and forming all types of connections.

On the other hand, the two women met on the site. Conversation struck up, and they decided to meet up. I’m guessing that’s how friends meet today? I wonder if it was the wife’s idea to get sexual or was it a set up? I can’t imagine being the third wheel at a dinner between husband and wife. Unless it’s family, that’ll seem awkward.

They were drinking and things got out of control and now someone claims they were violated. Why would this woman lie? On the cautious side, we gotta believe her claim. On the other hand, I’m like huh? People are freaks and there are all kinds of crazy things happening in cyber land. I can’t imagine that the two women met online just for platonic friendship. Maybe they did though. I could be wrong.

What if it was just a friendship and the wife used the girl for her husband? What if it was just to make friends and she met the wrong woman? What if her drink was spiked and she passed out and it really did happen? Couples have been known to kill together Rob banks together, so why not sexually assault someone? Maybe they didn’t think she’d talk.

All in all, be careful who you meet online.