Like they are literally gonna stop you from already leaving to command you to leave.

Hmmm Dick anyone? I’m certain I’ve eaten pizza. But dicks?

What is going on in the world where this sign is posted?

Hey guys. It’s ME!!!! YAY!!!! I NEEDED A LAUGH and decided to share what I’ve been dying with laughter over.

How will this work?

So stand still?

It’s not?

How is everyone doing out there? I’m great. Enjoying life and making the best out of every situation. Laughter is medicine. Hopefully you find these funny as well.

Last but not least. Dad kills his son. And an unfortunate placement ad is added just below the horrible news story.

JUST in time for father’s day. Knives on sale. The AD reads.

I’m guessing they want to give sons all across the world a chance to defend themselves against killer dads.