And they feed prisoners better in the State’s. Are you kidding me? They refused to feed this girl because she was short And carried a 15 cent balance on her lunch account from last year. Can we fire this stupid ass lunch lady who did this? I’d personally carry extra change just in case a kid doesn’t have enough for their meal. These kids should be ENTITLED TO A FREE MEAL EVERY DAY. This story comes out of Orange City Florida. No child should have to pay for their food. It’s a public school and kids should eat for free. Regardless of their parents income. Most people who can afford to pay for their own meal wouldn’t try to get over. This was just wrong. And then when the child told her that she didn’t have enough money for her meal, the lunch lady took the tray of food back from the child and threw the food away. I’d terminate that dumb bitch on the spot.

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A Florida student was told she was 15-cents short while attempting to pay for her lunch in the school cafeteria. When she didn’t have the rest of her money, her mom says that the cashier threw the food away.

Kimberly Aiken’s daughter is a sophomore at University High School in Orange City, Florida, and Tuesday was her first day back at school, CBS affiliate WKMG-TV reports. Her mother says it was not exactly a warm welcome.

“She puts her food on the tray, gets to the front, gives her number to the cashier, and she says, ‘Well, you owe 15 cents,'” said Aiken. “My daughter said she didn’t have any money, so the cashier took her food.”

Aiken said that the worker allegedly threw away the food and her daughter — who was not named — spent her entire first day at school without a meal.

You want to make sure that your kids are coming to school, and they’re going to be taken care of,” Aiken said. “We already have all of the scary things happening, but the one thing you don’t want them to worry about is are they going to be able to eat when they go to lunch?”

The high school has a free and reduced-cost lunch program, which Aiken signed her daughter up for, but it hasn’t taken effect yet. She tells WKMG-TV that the 15-cent deficit in the account must have been carried over from the previous school year.

Spokesman for Volusia County Public Schools Roger Edgcomb, responded to questions from WKMG-TVasking if this was standard procedure.

“The school is always willing to work with students and families as needed,” Edgcomb told WKMG-TV. “The school will be contacting the family directly to help resolve this issue.”

Aiken’s daughter brought a quarter to school on Wednesday, to settle the balance, and the cafeteria worker told her she didn’t owe anything — that the shortage was taken care of.

Listen you better pay attention to this story because foreigners are treated better than citizens. When we continue to ignore our own, we can’t question why they have no loyalty towards the U.S. This happening in a public school is a reflection of this country. Yes it is THAT BIG. YES IT’S A BIG ISSUE. I’ve spent the last few weeks reading about all the services that we provide for Mexican children. We feed and house them FOR FREE. But kids born here are sleeping in cars with their parents And homeless. Where is the shelter for these children? The money is there. We’ve got plenty money. The schools have plenty money. It’s where they CHOOSE to spend it. Orange City is a hick town. It’s nothing fancy. But it’s not shabby either. This is embarrassing to even have this story on my blog.

I’m not complaining about helping those in need. The United States of America is very wealthy. We can afford to. That’s what They do here. HELP ERYBODY IN NEED. BRAVO. But what kind of country neglects it’s own?

Think about all the criminals in prison. They are all taken care of for FREE. They contributed nothing to society but crime. Every correctional officer is hired by the state. The GOVERNMENT. Public school is funded by whom? The GOVERNMENT. If they can feed EVERY child and adult that is escaping from their country in fear, why can’t they feed EVERY child in this country for free? They can. Why won’t they? It’s not a burden when they did it for foreigners. Money is allotted for that specific cause. Where’s the money for these CITIZENS? Where the FUCK is the money?

Listen. Did you know that after hurricane Irma kicked Puerto Rico where it hurt, the ones who came to the U.S. for refuge were moved to the beginning of the line for public housing? How in the hell? I’m all for helping, but these folks done lost their minds.