St. Petersburg, FL – A Florida woman who was high on drugs and thought she had a giant spider on her was arrested after she ran completely naked through a public park, authorities said.

Danielle Teeples, 40, was arrested Sunday on a charge of exposure of sexual organs after the incident at Bartlett Park in St. Petersburg, according to an arrest report.

The report said officers and a witness saw Teeples completely nude in the park while numerous people were around. She was acting erratically, rubbing herself and running between two trees, the report said.

Traffic was “heavy and numerous vehicles were slowing and honking at the defendant as they saw her behavior,” the report said.

Teeples admitted to officers that she had used crack cocaine, spice and crystal meth recently, according to the report. She said she believed a giant spider was on her so she took her clothes off to get away from it, the report said.

Police booked Teeples into jail. Attorney information wasn’t available.

Aye lets not judge this lady too harshly. Come on now. We are talking about a spider. That’s a reasonable fear folks. This is why drugs is bad for you. I’ve stripped down naked from imaginary bugs as well. Only to find out it was a weave track of mine that slid down the back of my shirt. Call me paranoid, but nobody wants bugs on them.

Oh yeah, she was using everything. Spice too? Everybody knows that shit will drive you crazy.

The charge is funny. Exposure of sexual organs. Lol 😂😂😂😃😃🤣😋organs. I’d hardly call my vagina An organ dammit. If you can’t donate it, it ain’t no organ. Anybody want my used vagina after I die? Didn’t think so. 😄😄