Davenport, FL — Deputies in Polk County have arrested a Davenport couple in the death of a 2-year-old.

Shannon Short and her boyfriend, Christian Thompson, were arrested by deputies in the death of Harley Hiatt Jr.

Short said she left her son Harley in Thompson’s care over the last two months. She told deputies he texted and told her Harley had been injured after Thompson disciplined the child with a belt.

Documents said when she arrived home, she found Harley on the floor, injured, but did not seek medical attention. According to reports, Short was afraid the Department of Children and Families would be called.

She only called 911 when Harley went unconscious.

Sheriff Grady Judd said Harley ultimately died from blunt trauma to the stomach.

Harley would have turned 3 in October.

This story breaks my heart. I’m a mom and I totally realize how difficult it is to get affordable daycare. There are programs out there that can assist you, but the waiting period is long. So I understand needing immediate child care.

On the other hand, leaving your child with someone you hardly know, who isn’t a licensed worker isn’t the move either. Although there are many men who are good parents, most guys don’t have the patience for kids. And if you watch them closely, you can easily pick up on their frustrations with kids. They don’t act interested in the child.

This man was possibly looking for a place to stay and feigned interest in starting a family. In reality, he just wanted a roof over his head. How do you call a mother and tell her that after you spanked her child, that he’s injured? And how does a mother ignore the pain her child is in and seek to protect herself from judgment and possible punishment? These are two disgusting narcissistic assholes. Lock them away, UNDER the jail.

Like really.