Two Nevada teens have confessed to fatally beating their mother and burying her in a shallow grave because “they couldn’t take her complaining,” according to an arrest report.

Dakota Saldivar and Michael Wilson, both 17, were arrested early Wednesday after their mother, Dawn Liebig, 46, was reported missing from her Pahrump home on Monday. They face charges of open murder, conspiracy to commit murder and domestic battery with a deadly weapon in the stabbing and bludgeoning attack, KVVU reports.

An investigation was launched after a man from Idaho called the Nye County Sheriff’s Office to request a welfare check at Liebig’s home, claiming he didn’t trust the children living at the residence. A detective responded and found Liebig’s cellphone but didn’t locate her, leading him to open a missing person report, according to an arrest report obtained by the station.

Investigators then contacted another man who claimed Liebig’s sons gave him differing stories about her disappearance. The man told detectives he believed Liebig was dead “due to the type of family she is in,” according to the report.

Detectives then visited the home and interviewed Saldivar and Wilson, who provided inconsistent stories about their mother’s whereabouts. After a search of the teens’ phones and the discovery of a text that read “my mom passed away,” Wilson confessed that he and Saldivar stabbed Liebig before burying her body in a 2-foot-deep grave.

Wilson also claimed that Liebig asked the teens to kill her before leading detectives to the shallow grave, not far from where the murder weapons were buried, according to the arrest report.

Wilson told detectives Liebig had adopted him five years ago. It’s unclear if Saldivar was also adopted, according to the station.

Saldivar told detectives during subsequent interviews that he and Wilson decided on July 19 to kill Liebig because “they couldn’t take her complaining,” police said.

The last post on Liebig’s Facebook profile is from July 19. A picture of four male teens sits atop the profile.

“Im a mom that hopes she did okay,” the profile reads, “I want my boys to become the men I hope for. I live for them.”

Police records obtained by KVVU indicate that Saldivar and Wilson planned to stab Liebig in the jugular vein so she would die quickly. They waited for her to go to sleep on July 19 and Wilson stabbed her in the neck. Saldivar then bludgeoned her in the head with a hammer about 20 times, according to police.

So after adopting him and trying to give him a life he wouldn’t have otherwise had, he kills her. If there was any abuse, he was old enough to get away from her. There’s no excuse.

Sons are the Apple of their mothers eye. Often enough though, they don’t feel the same. Mother’s put so much into their boys trying to teach them to be men and many times they come up short. Regardless of a child’s upbringing, their character cannot be dictated by their environment. Good parents produce evil psychotic killers, and narcissistic parents produce well respected assets to our world.

It’s the luck of the draw. When you live long enough you’ll realize that your children, once they get to a certain age are making their own decisions. You can lead, guide, instruct, correct all day. Their natural born character will always show in the end. You do your part, and the rest is up to them. Don’t blame yourself if your child is a FUCKING idiot.

This story breaks my heart. This woman wasn’t perfect. But before all else, she’s trying to be A MOTHER! She bails this adopted boy Michael out and is clearly distraught over his arrest. That’s what moms do. They try to help you. They try to shape and mold you. How could they do this to her? The one person who was trying to be there. She had her own problems. But she was committed to her kids.

Question. …

Was she dying?

She mentions this in the post above. I’m only mentioning it because the boy claimed that she wanted them to kill her. I don’t believe that’s true at all. Do you?