This is so damn sad. I’m terrified to call the cops with their incompetent asses.

I’m not sure what the owner could have done to keep from being shot in his own home. Imagine his wife. That poor family lost their loved one in this tragic case of negligence. Apparently, the attacker was going after the grandson and was attempting to suffocate him when the grandfather intervened to save the boys life.

More to the story,

A Vietnam War veteran defending his home from an intruder was shot and killed by police who mistook the man for the assailant, Colorado authorities said Tuesday.

Police responded early Monday to a call made by a woman who said a man had broken into her home, according to police in Aurora, a suburb of Denver.

When an officer arrived, he heard a gunshot fired inside the residence. Once he entered the home, the officer found “a very chaotic and violent scene,” according to the statement.

While inside, the officer saw the armed resident, whom the officer then fatally shot. The officer then cleared the house to secure the scene.

The man shot by the officer, identified by a family member to NBC affiliate KUSA of Denver as Richard Black Jr., 73, was transported to a hospital, where he died.

“This is a very heartbreaking and tragic situation for everyone involved,” Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz said in a statement.

Besides the fact of trying to defend your family, is there anything you can think of that you should do in this case other than call 911? Why would the officer assume that who he shot was the assailant? Naturally the scene would be chaotic, but are we missing something?

I’m trying to think of what I expect to happen during the call And once officers arrive.

A call is made, and unless officers are directly across the street from this address, they arrive swiftly and hear gunshots. That’s gotta be intense. I’m guessing the wife/woman was hidden and the officer didn’t make contact with her upon arriving on the scene. I’m guessing communicating exactly what was going on and helping the officer wasn’t possible. I’d imagine the woman was distraught.

Because when you picture an already paranoid officer entering a stressful situation where guns are present, you’d have to imagine what their reaction would be. Should you attempt to lead the cop? You’d have to state something like, my husband/ family member is here, he’s got a gun, he’s going after the intruder. Please don’t kill him and mistake him for the burglar.

Just sad all around.