So basically this dumb ass bitch called the cops on him because he’s black. Then denied the fact that they called when confronted by Rhames and the officers.

You know I’m so tired of racist assholes. No matter what a black man does, some racist white scumbag will complain about it. If he’s a drug dealer, homeless, a thug, they’ll say he fits into their stereotype. If he’s successful, they’ll hate him for it and question how he’s able to live in THEIR neighborhood.

Racist white bitches, this ain’t your neighborhood. This is OUR country. We can live any where we choose and as long as our money will take us there, we’ll be there. In your pools, at your grocery stores, in your shops, at your beaches. We will be in your schools right next to your white children. Our black men will date your daughters. Our black women will date your sons. We will enter every professional market that we can. We Will be doctors and Lawyers. We will be presidents. So move the fuck over or get out of the way. You don’t like it? Go back to Europe. Yeah go back where you come from because The U.S. was NOT YOUR LAND. You stole it from native Americans. Duh, it’s in the history books. Everybody knows that white people steal.

YOU think you’re ENTITLED to the whole world. Get over yourself. I don’t know where white people get this shit from. Many people of color use whites as the standard for success. But why?

Living in a neighborhood that’s majority Caucasian doesn’t mean that you’ve arrived and somehow more acceptable to society. Because one thing is for sure. White people are some of the fakest, unclassy fuckers you could meet. Even when they have money, they are miserably PHONY. Who wants to live around that? It’s rare to find a good white person who will truly be fair and unbiased. I’ve met a few and they are far in between.

But they are drug addicts, con artists, rapists, thugs, drug dealers, fraudsters, liars, thieves just like EVERY OTHER RACE. They get food stamps, they defraud Social Security Disability, they kill in massive amounts. They are no different or better than anybody else. Well they might be privileged.

Lately it’s been in the news where white people have been calling the cops on blacks for selling water bottles at sporting events, having a lemonade stand, going to the community pool where they live. But being questioned by the white pool guard because of the color of their skin. And assuming that they can’t possibly live there. I wish a cracker would approach me on some bullshit. I’m from the South and that’s what we call it here. Yes yes, blacks call white people cracker. Trailer trash. Being a cracker is an attitude. And it doesn’t matter what you have in your bank account. If you’re racist, to me you are a CRACKER indeed. Call me racist if you like, I don’t give a shit. I treat people the way they treat me. And I have a name for EVERY RACE who thinks they are better than blacks. You know em. I wish somebody would approach me like this. They’ll never do it again. Omg I wish they would.

Poor Ving. That could have come out differently if one of the responders didn’t recognize him as both their kids went to school together. That’s a damn shame. Remember after Obama won and the black doctor was at his own front door and someone called the cops on him? Some racist white asshole. Yeah I’m stating the obvious. WHITE because blacks don’t do that shit. Nobody else is just starting shit other than busy body jealous white people. What did blacks ever do to you? Lol I KNOW that answer. We became free. Yeah, we are free and they thought they were above us. Haha haha jokes on you. Everything you have, WE HAVE. We won’t be calling you Master ever again bitch. So now you pick on the Mexicans.

This post is specifically tailored for the entitled privileged white person. YOU LOSE.

You thought you’d have us as slaves forever huh? You felt good about yourself as long as we were servants. We are called nigger because we are ignorant right?

Still today we are ignorant? I can understand after being brought here, KIDNAPPED, forced to learn another language, Slaves, illiterate. Uh yeah of course we’d be ignorant. It was set up that way. But we are scientists, we are politicians, we are business owners, we are college graduates, we have large homes, fancy cars, just like you.

So that makes whites niggers as well. Because we overcame all of that bullshit to be great people. So if we followed their lead and matched or excelled their accomplishments, then whites are ignorant niggers too. I mean that’s only fair. In most white people’s minds, blacks don’t have to DO anything in particular to be a nigger. They just ARE. We can have the EXACT same life. But for some reason, they’ll still think they are better.

I know it’s not all white people. But the good ones don’t stick out in the news. Nobody is writing about good deeds from white folks. Nobody cares about that.

I know I come off angry. I AM ANGRY. WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU EXPECT? There’s injustice and when I see it, it angers me. If it doesn’t anger you, you might be part of the problem.

Listen, here’s a list of races that I don’t like….

Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, Indians, basically I don’t like nobody but me. Yeah that’s right. I FUCKING love myself. Why? I don’t hurt people. I’m the shit.

I’m the only person I can tolerate for long periods of time. People are my worst enemy, oh and snack cakes. Everything that’s gone wrong in my life happened because of another person or a LITTLE Debbie. I prefer animals. But even in saying that. I don’t like anyone and I don’t bother anyone. Why can’t folks just live this way? You ain’t gotta like me, just stay out of my face. Stay out of my life. Leave me alone. How FUCKING hard is that?