Isn’t it great to see a happy couple? I’m elated to see that Serena has a great guy. Behind every good woman is a trail of fuck boys. So it’s about time. She deserves to be happy and in love. Beside every good woman should be a great partner. I had to change it to “partner” because dammit, people are gay. And I’m guessing that gay women have their share of fuck girls. Lol

Either way this video was necessary because people tend to think that being whisked away to Italy for italian cuisine is normal. Alexis flew her to Italy at the drop of a dime when she stated that she wanted italian. He points out, it’s not.

My hubby can’t afford to do this. But what he does is so much more. But I know he would if he could. Alexis Ohanian admits that they have great means to do these things and that’s wonderful. They’ve both EARNED their keeps so I have no shade for this couple.

I find it funny that their daughter Alexis Ohananian is a Jr. That’s right, she’s named after her dad but given Jr as a title. I’ve never seen this before. But I’ve been under a rock for 20 years.