Great article. And highly accurate. This resonates with all of us who endure climates above 80°. It’s been extremely difficult to do much of anything in Florida with temperatures soaring into the 90s.

The beach sounds like a great solution, IF you can stand the heat. The other night my AC Started making a terrible noise at about 11:30. Eventually we shut it down and decided we couldn’t sleep with all of that noise. Sadly enough, we couldn’t sleep without the AC either. The next morning we started it up again and it worked perfectly. Ahh yes! That soothing hum was music to my ears.

AC shouldn’t be a luxury. Heat exhaustion is real and many construction workers who are building our cities have no solutions when working outside in the scorching sun.

AC should be a mandate and yet I’ve seen houses on the market that advertise the the property in question has NO AC. Who are these people? This should be a no brainer that tenants might wanna stay cool during this heat wave.