You know in times of crisis we tend to have the desire to hold anyone accountable that may have played any sort of role in our pain.

I understand the surviving victims suing the hotel or at least the idea of their lawsuit.

But do we have a reasonable right to guaranteed safety while in public? Who is responsible for our safety while we shop, attend concerts, stroll in the park, etc? I usually feel a sense of safety while doing my errands, but that’s also because perhaps the neighborhood I’ve chosen to do said tasks in aren’t necessarily dangerous environments. The greater the environment, the less risky we tend to feel our activities are. So we make plans to walk the streets, we make plans that include walking down that dark alley for dinner reservations. We leave our car doors unlocked because we assume things will always be ok.

But what about the hotel Mandalay Bay? Why are they suing the public? Their take on the situation is one of ITS NOT OUR FAULT. They state that they took every precaution necessary. But did they? Well what’s reasonably expected while staying at a hotel? Privacy, discretion, and great customer service. Right? I don’t think any of us expect checked luggage and metal detectors. We expect this sort of invasion at an airport. For some strange reason, they don’t want us taking guns out of the country and for that matter, even if it’s from state to state travel, we are still banned from bringing guns on planes.

So we expect to be violated.

I’m not certain that new rules need to be implemented regarding hotel security. So I’m not certain that anything could have been done to prevent that mass shooting.