Lakeland, FL – Police say a high-risk violent sex predator was arrested over the weekend for masturbating at a park in Lakeland where children were playing.

A Lakeland police officer was called to Barnett Park on Lake Avenue South around 6:30 Sunday night for the incident. The woman who called police told the officer she saw a man masturbating about 45 feet away from children at the park.

“I seen the man take out his private parts,” witness Venisha Beckford said. “I just screamed out to all of the parents to watch your children, there’s a gentleman out here basically touching himself in front of your children. The other lady that was there she called police and I pulled my phone out and started recording.”

The man had run away by the time the officer showed up, but the woman was able to show pictures of the suspect. The officer says he noticed the man had an ankle monitor on in the pictures.

While the responding officer searched for the suspect, another officer checked a silver SUV in the parking lot. The officer found out it was registered to 59-year-old Danny Torres Valentin, who matched the description of the suspect.

Police then learned that Valentin was on inmate release status for a lewd and lascivious exhibition to minors arrest. He’s also registered as a sexual predator, and considered a high-risk violent sexual offender.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office later found Valentin at his home on Dawn Heights Drive. Police say Valentin told deputies he was at Barnett Park because his car ran out of gas.

Valentin was arrested for loitering and prowling in close proximity to children and violation of probation. Police say more charges could be pending.

“He was just comfortable like no parents were out there. It’s just really sad,” Beckford said.

Once again, why is he free? He’s a disgusting pig. If we release every marijuana dealer and lock these animals up, that’ll make for a better world. These freaks are the lowest. If children are being victimized, we SHOULD be teaching them that we take crimes against kids seriously. But nope. What we’ve taught them is that predators will get a slap on the wrist and if they can afford bail, they’ll be released back to the streets to harm again. This shit stain is wearing an ankle bracelet and proving to society that he doesn’t give a shit about our laws. I’m guessing he’d have to kill someone for him to be taken seriously.