So for religious folks, I’m certain they’d say YES. But what about when the non religious person becomes financially successful?

What do we attribute that to? Luck? If you apply the law, the only thing it takes to succeed is dedication, and a commitment to make money.

You can argue that nothing is possible without god. But you’d better be prepared to answer this. WHAT GOD ARE YOU REFERRING TO? Would you be upset to learn that a Muslim was successful if you’re a Christian with the belief that YOUR God favors you over all others? What if an atheist was successful? Would you be able to accept that or would you consider it ill gotten gains?

Everyone has the potential to acquire wealth. They just need to apply themselves. I personally don’t see any difference between the success amongst believers versus non believers.

If it rains on those who are good just as much as it does who are bad, then what’s to distinguish one from the other?

If I’m going to die as a Christian, what’s the difference? I’m going to die as an Atheist as well. Maybe I’ll get more years added because I believe in a higher power. Or maybe my days are already numbered regardless of what I believe.

This video iS 33 minutes long and it’s just Erick and I talking about what we think. We are sitting in a hot ASS car and stuffing ourselves with pizza.

My overall conclusion?

If religion and faith in God works for you, then have at it. But don’t assume that you’re special because of your faith. Maybe you have a good prosperous life because YOU worked for it. And that’s ook.