Honestly who can you trust? I think Uber Is a great idea. It’s affordable for many and definitely convenient. But what’s up with all the murder?

[In a 2016 case in Kalamazoo, Michigan, an Uber driver was charged with fatally shooting six people and wounding two others — apparently at random — and blaming the car service’s mobile app for turning him into “a puppet.” He remains jailed while awaiting trial.]

Really?? Randomly shooting people who just wanted or needed A ride.

I can see if you’re trying to defend yourself. Clearly, Uber is a dangerous job. Basically you’re letting strangers in your car and that’s not something you’d usually do. This story is a mess because if they don’t have witnesses, how will they come to a conclusion about what actually took place?

Perhaps there was a 911 call? I’m just thinking. If he’s able to shoot the passenger, what position was he in? The driver would be more disadvantaged when it comes to fighting against a crime, so how was he able to get the jump on the passenger? I’m assuming that he was in the back seat. But it’s possible the victim was in the front seat. That would make more sense. But still.