The above photo is one that was allegedly on someone’s phone of a deceased Aleah Beckerle. I posted this photo because I couldn’t make out anything in the photo itself, however, it made me feel strange. Like perhaps something was there, possibly in plain sight, but we just couldn’t see it. So I wrote a blog on it over a year ago to get your thoughts.

I was reading a story today about the case, which isn’t closed IMO, in which Grammp, the attorney for Terrence Roach stated that he believes that Aleah was dead before she left the family home on Iowa street.

I honestly think so as well.

Anyway, I got a couple of comments from some readers and they brought to My attention that the two photos above had some similar features or characteristics.

I didn’t see any photos from the crime scene. Why? It’s Aleah Beckerle, she’s like my child, she’s our girl and she was done wrong. If you’re a parent, you wouldn’t want to see that.

The horrible conditions that she was in. Her body lay in that disgusting abandoned house for a very long time. Smh

Anyway what are your thoughts? Have you heard talk about these photos? Did you see any similarities to each other?

Listen, to me this isn’t opening old wounds. This is still trying to solve a murder. Yeah, that’s right. A murder.

The commenter went on to state that whoever showed this photo to EPD, Evansville police department would have to know that her body had been there from the beginning.

I had thought of the exact same thing. Which is why I wasn’t going to post it. I’m sick of my theories. Frankly I’m kinda sick of dealing with me. But you guys are still in this case. I’m so glad to see that you are still reading and commenting. Which reminds Me that this isn’t about me. If there’s something pertinent to share, I’d better share it.