Daytona Beach, FL – A 95-year-old grandmother in Florida was arrested Saturday after police said she slapped her granddaughter in face with her slipper before calling 911 to get her out of the house, according to WCVB.

According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, Hattie Reynolds told police her granddaughter, Janeen Williams, 46, would not get out of bed, and that she was “tired of her staying in bed all day soaking up the air conditioning.”

When officers arrived at the home, Williams told police she did not want to press charges, but because of “strict domestic violence laws” Reynolds was arrested.

According to a Florida statute, police officers have the ability to determine if an arrest is needed in a domestic violence instance once probable cause is established.

“If your wife reported that you threatened to hit her, you would be arrested because that is a domestic violence assault,” police Chief Craig Capri told the News-Journal. “I just feel bad for her but the officers did their job as required by the law.”

Reynolds was booked in the Volusia County Jail and released the next day on her own recognizance.

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But it’s HOT OUT THERE!! Guys it’s hot here. Florida isn’t the place for those who can’t take the heat. I almost died reading this story.

Grandma is cracking me up. Back in the day, THIS wouldn’t have happened. There’s no way I’d call the cops on my grandma, especially if she is right. Most of my generation and before just took the hit. We took the abuse because we knew we were wrong and needed correcting.

But how hard was that slap to the face? Maybe granny has a mean right hook. I’m afraid that I’ll be this kind of grandma and get my first mugshot at 80. I’m already not liking kids these days. By the time I’m 80, who knows where my head will be? But I’m certain I’ll still hate kids. And when they are lazy ass adults, that’s just worse.

Would you call 911 on your parents if they hit you?

On the other hand, ain’t her mugshot cute? They didn’t have to arrest her, but it makes for a great story. Grandkids have the potential to get hit with anything grandparents can get their hands on.