So I had shared a story 6 months ago regarding this guy David Pugh who is one of gods favorites. I mean look at him. How could a face like that be guilty of anything.

Listen I’m not here to stir things up. Okk actually I am. I’m good at that. But don’t we want these guys either off the streets or in the least, make their actions public for all to see? What is the harm in exposing sexual predators?

My original blog.

Honestly this isn’t the coolest thing anyone can do with their time. But I have a LOT of time on my hands. I’ve never falsely accused anyone. I just report the news and give an opinion. The family didn’t like my opinion and that’s ok. However, now that their beloved family member has been OUTED, what next? Will they come back to my blog and apologize? As you can see he’s a registered sex offender. So that means he was found GUILTY? Not by me. By the court of law. And I can’t and won’t contend with that.

Thanks to the little birdie who emailed me and INSISTED that I update my blog.