Ok, so we spent more time looking at houses yesterday February 15.

I almost DIED because one of the houses was occupied. Occupied by chain smokers. And it’s annoying trying to look at a house with people’s STUFF all over the place. Then there was a door that lead somewhere and I asked if it was ok to enter, the renter said YES. I opened the door and was greeted by a cloud of smoke larger than the state of Montana. Lol omg I almost lost it. This chick was out there just smoking up a chimney. We ended up getting headaches And I started having breathing problems!!!

That was an immediate NO! THEN we went to another house. The really big one with the fireplace. That house was nice. Flooring needed to be done, with minor touch ups, but it was ok.

When we got outside, a man with hardly any teeth started talking to us. And his yard looked like a scrap yard. You could tell he was the NOSEY neighbor who knew everything because he boasted about how long he’d been staying in that particular home. And it looked like he hadn’t thrown anything away in all those years. 😂😂

Neighbour’s who are nosey can be good right? They see all. And Normally that’s ok, kinda, but then his dogs started barking. I ain’t got time for that. I love dogs but I’m allergic. And I guarantee you that those little wet nosed creatures will be barking at me all the time. And I don’t want to be arrested for animal cruelty. I’ll bite one if they don’t shut up.

Neighbors can make or break a sale. Regardless of how cute that house was, I don’t want to live next to that guy.

I’ll keep you posted.