Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN – What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas — but that doesn’t go for the flight back home.

Two drunk and frisky fliers were arrested after a woman put her head under the blanket on the lap of another passenger during a return flight from Sin City and said they were “joking around” about joining the mile high club, police said.

The canoodling couple from Minnesota — identified in an airport police report as Teresa M. Kohn, 43, and Tyler V. Boehm, 41 — were handcuffed soon after landing on Jan. 21 at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, the Star Tribune reports.

Police said the alleged risqué behavior on their Sun Country flight involved Kohn’s head beneath a blanket that was placed over Boehm’s lap. Kohn insisted to police that her head was only under the blanket for 2 seconds, but Jenny Huschka, who was seated in a row behind the couple, told the Star Tribune it lasted for several minutes.

Huschka said the couple had been “making out and [Kohn] was touching [Boehm] all over.

“It was nonstop,” Huschka said.

Kohn told cops she and Boehm were merely “joking around” about joining the “mile high club” by having sex on an airplane, according to an airport police incident report obtained by the newspaper.

“We are getting a lawyer,” Boehm told the paper Sunday. “It’s a joke … That’s all I can say.”

Kohn, who could not be reached for comment, was ready to start drinking before the plane even took off and was acting “belligerent” to flight attendants who denied his early request for beer, the police report read.

Kohn and Boehm were each issued a summons Wednesday to appear in court in March to face a misdemeanor charge of engaging in gross lewdness or lascivious behavior.

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