Shelbyville, IN – A manager at a Little Caesar’s Pizza in Shelbyville, Indiana, and her boyfriend were arrested after allegedly using drugs while preparing food, local police said.

Police say the manager, Sasha Fletcher, 31, and her boyfriend, Joshua Parson, 34, were arrested after an anonymous tipster told police they used heroin at work and prepared food with open sores.

An officer with the Shelbyville Police Department met with the anonymous source who told him the manager of the Little Caesar’s at 809 S. Harrison St. comes to work on heroin, buys heroin at work, and uses heroin in the employee bathroom, police said.

The source also told police that she has Hepatitis C and open sores on her body as she prepares food for customers.

Shelbyville Police Lt. Mike Turner says when an officer later brought the two individuals outside to talk they both appeared to be on heroin.

Fletcher and Parson admitted to police that there were syringes used for meth and heroin in their vehicle, Turner added.

The store voluntarily closed to clean but has now reopened. Police say Parson didn’t work at the restaurant but was seen preparing food.

Shelbyville Health Department spokesman Robert Lewis said the restaurant is a safe place to eat and the public has nothing to fear.

“You would have to have intimate relations with that individual or share the needle they used to get Hepatitis C,” Lewis said.

“Whenever we can get the public’s help to remove people who are using and dealing off the street, it’s a win-win for everybody,” Lt. Turner said.

Both Fletcher and Parson face charges of possession of a syringe and possession of heroin.

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