And some women can’t get a man to drive a mile to see them. Yet this sick ass freak is willing to hop on a plane to break the law. Just think what kind of desperation one must feel in order to travel for sex.

And not just any ole sex, but the kind that locks your ass up and labels you for the rest of your life.

Also, this man has Haitian roots. Haiti doesn’t have sex laws like the states. So many Mexican and Haitian men who have had legal sex with girls back home are pedophiles here. Technically I consider you a pedophile there as well.

Troy, IL – Police in Troy, Illinois said a 30-year-old man traveled from Pompano Beach, Florida to Troy to meet up with an underage girl he found on the internet. The girl’s friend realized something was not right and police were contacted.

The suspect, identified as Emmanuel D. Abdon, was charged with four felony counts, including solicitation of a child. His bond was set $500,000.

The victim, who is under the age of 17, and her family are not being identified. The victim’s mother said her daughter was coping with the ordeal.

“She’s just fragile right now we’re getting the help she needs,” the mother said.

Police said Abdon repeatedly targeted the woman’s daughter for sex.

Authorities said Abdon came to Troy and met with the girl at her home. The girl’s friend was also at the home.

“A friend of the victim recognized what was going on (and) saw some things she was uncomfortable with when an adult came to visit a friend of hers,” Troy Police Chief Brad Parsons said.

The friend took pictures of Abdon and his car. The friend told her mother, who then notified police. They said Abdon was intercepted and arrested when he made a return visit to the girl’s home while she was alone. Everyone was grateful to the friend.

“Incredible. She realistically could have saved this young girl’s life,” Chief Parsons said.

Police do not suspect Abdon made any physical sexual contact with the girl. Prosecutors also charged Abdon with traveling to a meet a minor for sex and grooming.

Abdon’s legal troubles don’t end there, however. He’s originally from Haiti and here legally, but Chief Parsons said US Immigration have become involved and federal charges could also be filed.

The chief said he’s advising parents to monitor their kids’ social media activity.

“You’ve got to stay vigilant with your children on social media and who they’re texting,” he said.

The victim’s mother said her daughter initially didn’t want her talking about the case to anyone, but the girl then changed her mind.

“She said, ‘Do it, mom.’ She said, ‘If it can help one person then do it,'” the mother said.