Holbrook, AZ — Bradley Scott Bieganski, a 61-year-old self-proclaimed minister who operated a non-profit Christian Native American girls home for low income people living on the Fort Apache Reservation, will be sentenced today for molesting at least two young girls who were in his care back in 2013.

The home, known as Kingdom Flight, was in Pinedale to the west of Show Low.

Excerpt from Initial story

[Bradley S. Bieganski, 57, of Pinedale advertises on the Internet that his non-profit organization, known as Kingdom Flight, is “designed to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of indigenous children in remote areas. … We believe in demonstrating Christ’s love through our actions by meeting physical needs and by building long-term relationships.”

Bieganski was arrested in September 2013 after a White Mountain Apache school official in Cibecue on the reservation filled a complaint against him.

A Navajo County Sheriff’s Office report states two elementary school-age girls told the official that Bieganski touched them inappropriately on their private parts while they were bathing and that he allegedly did the same to other children.

Eight girls were living at Kingdom Flight when the alleged abuses happened.

The report says the girls were “allegedly once foster children” of Bieganski and his wife, Lesli. It says the couple frequently visits the Fort Apache Reservation, taking toys and books for children and obtaining permission to take them back to Kingdom Flight Ranch.]

All of the children in the home were removed and placed in the care of then Arizona Child Protective Services.

According to Arizona Department of Economic Security records, Bieganski was granted a license for the home in 2011 which was immediately revoked on Oct. 23, 2013 after his arrest on charges of child molestation.

Alright. Does what this man offered the community seem like a legitimate thing?

I swear I’m not being insensitive. This guy is scum.

But I just wanted to talk about this guys program.

Christian based program to help poor native American girls.

He alone decided to run a program for young girls. Really? The only men I can think of who want to be surrounded by girls are pedophiles. And then he chose girls who were poor and displaced and don’t have a voice. He thought this thing out.

Places like this should be run by women only. Not some horny ass men. Protective services should have been there initially to take these girls.

The reason why this is frustrating. There are many children who need a loving home and caring people. And this COUPLE screwed it up for a lot of good couples who aren’t predatory parents.

The organization’s like this Kingdom Flight ranch use religion to sink their teeth into innocent kids. They win the trust of the community by tossing Jesus, Christian, Love into each pitch. They are famous for using those key wires words.

I notice many times I’m out shopping or whatever and I’ll run across a homeless person. They ALWAYS toss GOD out there when they are asking for money. Oh it’s “God bless you, ma’am.” And I’m like, Thanks. And when I don’t have change to give, it’s STILL, God bless you. And I think that’s the dagger that they use to guilt you just in case you DID have money to give.

People realize that Jesus is a very powerful name in itself. The wife in this story may be innocent. Maybe she didn’t suspect anything from her husband.

However, he claims that he didn’t touch the girls but that he was teaching them good touch versus bad touch. Hmmm. You buying that?