Las Vegas, NV – A Clark County middle school teacher has been arrested on child sex charges.

Kweku Turkson, 37, an English teacher at West Prep Academy, was arrested Friday by Metropolitan Police Department officers.

He is being held at the Clark County Detention Center without bail on three counts of lewdness with a child younger than 14 and one count of attempted lewdness with a child younger than 14.

Turkson is due in court Tuesday morning for a 72-hour hearing.

Details of the arrest report were not immediately available Monday.

Turkson has worked at the school since August 2015, school district spokesman David Roddy confirmed. Turkson has been “assigned to home” since October while an internal investigation was conducted. Roddy said Metro was also investigating Turkson at the same time.

CCSD’s investigation continues, he said. Roddy could not confirm the nature of the district investigation or when the district investigation started.

“I shouldn’t have to find out on Facebook,” parent William McCord said. “The teachers or the principal should be calling everybody at the house.”

Students said they were surprised to see his mugshot.

It’s really weird because, most of the time, he would make jokes or mostly be smiling,” said eighth-grader Pablo Agustin. “Most of my classmates saw it on the news.”

Some students said Mr. Turkson would sometimes make inappropriate jokes, but they never suspected he had inappropriately touched students.

“My favorite teacher got arrested?!” asked sixth-grader Jacquelyne Meza.

“I don’t agree with this kind of stuff that he did. I’m disappointed in Mr. Turkson. He said that he was going to show us an example,” said sixth-grader Imani Tillman. “I hope Mr. Turkson learns his lesson… hopefully he learns his lesson in jail.”

The school district said the investigation is being handled by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Officer Larry Hadfield, a spokesman for the department, would not say whether the victims were boys or girls. He also declined to state how many children were victims.

FOX5 is in the process of petitioning a judge to release more information about the case.

Turkson has declined all jailhouse interviews.

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