Rochester, NY – A Wayne County doctor is facing charges of child porn, federal prosecutors announced on Thursday.

At the news conference, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said Dr. David Blasczak is facing charges.
According to court papers, Dr. Blasczak is accused of processing and distributing child porn.

Prosecutors say the investigation started in March of 2012 with a website that was selling child porn. After tracking credit cards, officials say they found Dr. Blasczak had made ten purchases from the website. Prosecutors say each file contained between 500 and 2,000 photos.

Speaking with agents, prosecutors say the doctor denied ever abusing children, but admitted that he had photographed the genitals of children at his office, court papers reveal.

When asked, prosecutors say he told parents he was doing independent research and, on eight separate occasions, he paid parents. The complaint also says he targeted children who were in his own home during sleepovers with his children.

At his home in Newark, deputies say they found a device with thousands of images of child pornography on it.

Agents are now asking anyone with additional info on the case to contact law enforcement at 716-464-5931.

Dr. Blasczak was affiliated with Finger Lakes Health and has an office in Clyde. Finger Lakes Health has issued the following statement: “Effective immediately, Dr. David Blasczak’s medical staff privileges have been suspended. We are cooperating fully with the Department of Homeland Security on their investigation.”

There’s no way I’m going to believe this story about the parents NOT KNOWING. The thought of them being naive offends me even more so. Why would you allow anyone to photograph your child’s nudity? I can see perhaps if your child was a victim and they need evidence, difficult yes, but understandable. But a doctor?

Where have you ever heard of this happening?

How did he convince these parents to go along with this? Do you honestly believe that NONE OF THEM KNEW?