Gilbert, AZ – Police say a 24-year-old Gilbert man admitted to striking a 4-year-old girl when she spilled milk, and a judge says the child may not survive her injuries.

Major Aaron Murry was arrested Thursday on suspicion of child abuse but Superior Court Commissioner Jane McLaughlin said during a Friday initial appearance that Murry could face additional charges because the girl “may not survive” and because there’s evidence of child molestation.

A police statement says Murry was babysitting the child while her mother was at work. Murry “admitted becoming angry” at the girl and struck her when she spilled milk near his Xbox video game system, causing her to fall and strike her head. 

According to court paperwork, Murry went on to say he laid the girl down for a nap and when he checked on her later, she was unresponsive. He told police he attempted to revive the girl.

Doctors say the girl had bruising on her ear, forehead and face, along with other injuries to her spine.

Murry denies the charges. He remains jailed and doesn’t yet have an attorney who could comment on the allegations. The judge set a cash bond at $150,000. Murry can’t have any contact with children under the age of 18. His next court appearance is scheduled for January 19th.

This child MAY NOT SURVIVE HER INJURIES?!?!  OMG where is this dude?  I swear I’d be willing to do time for sticking my foot up his ass.  Yeah that’s nasty, but that’s the chance I gotta take. 

What all did he do to this child?  Injuries to her spine?  What a maggot. 

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This story above is what happens when you leave a child to do an adults job. I feel so bad for the mom.