What the hell girl?  Maybe she needs to get out of the dating game for a while. You can’t just keep shooting your girlfriends when they piss you off.  

 Nashville, TN – A woman has been charged with attempted criminal homicide after police say she shot her girlfriend during an argument at a north Nashville apartment complex on Thursday morning.

The shooting happened at the Haynes Garden Apartments on Whites Creek Pike.

Police say Cealie James, 23, allegedly shot her girlfriend. She fled the area but later returned and was taken into custody.

Destiny Gregory, 21, was transported to Vanderbilt where she was listed in stable condition with serious injuries.

Police say James was free on bond for allegedly shooting another woman in the shoulder. She was arrested in that shooting last November.

Cealie James needs to stay off the streets.  Nobody needs to date this girl because she has no other way to handle conflict other than with deadly force. Lol she doesn’t talk. She doesn’t want to work it out. She doesn’t want to walk it off or drink her anger away. Theres only one answer for her. You MUST DIE!!!  😂😂😂

IMAGINE THAT. EVERYTIME you get angry or your partner gets angry, y’all both grab your guns. Who does that?  And can somebody please take away her rights to bear arms. She’s completely fucking up her freedoms.