OK so my girl Candy inspired me to do a Mukbang. 😂 now honestly I’m not good at this. I want to eat a lot, but I can’t. I get full too quickly!!!  I’m fat now not because of how much I eat, but because I have NOT exercised in a year because of anxiety. Basically I’m scared to go to the gym.  Stupid right?  Yeah that’s my life. It’s deeper than you think though so. Don’t judge. 

So anyway. Candy eats Whatever she wants and I’m jealous. But I was reading the comments in her section and people are rude as Fuck. 

Saying things like,  This is saddening, she’s killing herself, she’s a heart attack waiting to happen, she’s eating herself to death, she needs to watch what she eats. All that jazz. So I was like,  WTF guys. She’s a grown ass lady. Let her do what she wants. If she wants to die after a hot cheesy steamy pizza, who the hell am I to stop her?  

But it runs deeper. I decided to go watch other Mukbang eaters who were very very thin. 3 Asian girls. Beautiful ladies with hearty appetites and great personalities.  These chicks could out do Candy. Like seriously, one had,  4 burgers, 2 large fries, 2 large onion rings… I’m like HOW THE HELL will she eat that with her little self?  

I decided to read the comments and all I saw was,  LOVE YOU GIRL,  you’re so beautiful, you’re awesome, you’re amazing, Kisses, and all positive shit. 

What?!?  Why is Candy getting flack for eating, but these girls aren’t?  Candy is thick. And People are discriminating against her because of her size. They feel like she can’t eat what she wants because she’s heavier. Yet, they encourage the smaller girls to eat up. Lol that’s ridiculous. 

Food is food. I kinda see myself in Candy. So if you have a moment, stop by and watch her videos if you’re in to eating shows. Mine are pathetic, but aye, I mean well. I just wanted to bring this to the forefront because we tend to frown at the overweight person when they walk into the buffet. We think,  Oh hell,  that’s all the food right there.  But hearty appetites come in all sizes. Let’s try not to discriminate against folks simply because they don’t look like us.