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You know it’s so crazy when you see a story that leads you to a story of another missing person by the same name that went missing three years prior and you’re trying to piece it together only to realize that it didn’t go together in the first place.

Then you read the details of the present case and you’re like,  “HUH”!?!

OK SO from what I’ve read so far in the news,  Molly Miller went missing December 29, 2017. Apparently she and her fiance were in the middle of cooking dinner and all of a sudden she decides to go for a quick walk. It’s freezing cold outside and Molly allegedly decided to take no jacket, phone, or purse.

The initial story says that her fiance didn’t get too alarmed because Molly is known to spend the night at a friends house.

Molly’s YouTube channel?

So anyway I’m like what?  Nobody goes out at 8:00 during while they are in the process of cooking dinner with their bae. Unless they stepped out to retrieve something from a neighbor,  like eggs, sugar or milk. That would definitely explain why Molly would have left taking nothing with her. But her fiance stated that she took a walk. A quick walk as if this was a normal occurrence. That’s fine right?  But on a cold dark night?  All alone?  Not likely.

Red flag immediately. Hold the phone. 

So then they report back that Molly’s body was found inside her home. HUH?!?  Inside her home?  What?!?  Say what now?!?  So I’m thinking Molly lived down the street from her fiance and she was stopping by for a romantic dinner. Then I find out,  THEY LIVE TOGETHER.  Say what?!?  Hold up. So they live in the same house and Molly goes missing. The fiance,
News report clip

(Miller was reportedly last seen by her fiancé leaving their residence along King Street around 8:30 p.m. EST on Friday, Dec. 29, 2017. She was reportedly seen wearing a black sweatshirt at the time she went missing, did not have a phone on her, and might not have been wearing a coat. An official missing person report had been filed with the Charlottesville Police Department the next day.

Acting Charlottesville Police Chief Gary Pleasants mentioned earlier on Monday that it was imperative that only trained people conducted the search. Untrained people do not know really what to look for sometimes for evidence, nor do they know how to handle it if they do see it,” he had said.

Authorities mentioned earlier on Monday that it was not uncommon behavior for Miller to leave her home for the night, potentially to stay with friends. However, her fiancé became worried and filed a missing report after he had not heard from Miller for almost 24 hours.

“She is very strong, very smart, and I keep praying that wherever she is, she will be able to outwit whoever…probably… I don’t know what the situation is… to get out and call us. Of course, she has no phone,” Marian McConnell, Miller’s mother had said, while the search was being conducted for her daughter, according to NBC29.  The mother added that she has spoken with Gil Harrington, who created the advocacy group called Help Save the Next Girl after her daughter Morgan had gone missing and was murdered in 2009.

“We’ve been in contact, and they have some excellent advice for people to be safe,” Marian said.

In a Facebook post, Help Save the Next Girl stated, “She and her fiancé were cooking dinner when Molly left on foot for a quick walk. She left wearing a black sweatshirt and was without a coat, purse, or phone… She has had no contact with family or friends since she disappeared and her disappearance is described as very out of character.”)

So you have it there. That’s ALL we have for now.

At first you want to accuse her fiance. But from my understanding Molly had Cancer. I haven’t been able to confirm this from anything but a post on facebook.

Yes it’s 3:18 a.m. and I’m up blogging. This is a terrible story. If it’s true that she was suffering in silence, then naturally suicide was definitely an option. Who really wants to live with cancer?  She was a tiny thing and I’m certain that treatments would have taken its toll on her body.

I’m really hoping that it was suicide and that Her fiance Anson Parker had nothing to do with her death. Yes the story is very shady and his accounts don’t make him look innocent at all. But things aren’t always as they seem. I can’t believe I’m saying that.

Molly seemed like a great lady. She was gentle and compassionate from what I could see on her facebook page. She seemed to take a huge liking to all things natural.

Her facebook shows her having her house that she purchased a few years ago remodeled. I read that the house is in her fiance’s name. So they’ve been together for quite some time.

Molly was in love with what her house was becoming. So if she wanted to die anywhere, it would have been her home. It was her little paradise.

But that’s with the idea that she ended her own life.

What’s puzzling is that The house wasn’t checked as soon as the report came in. It really lead a lot of people to believe that she was gone elsewhere. And with Anson telling officers that it’s common for her to spend the night with friends, that would send them in another direction altogether.  I’m guessing that it still takes 24 hours to report a person missing. So did an entire day/24 hours go by before he reported her missing?  What was he doing during that time?

A small time reporter in Charlottesville, Jackson Landers claims to know the couple, and he stated on his facebook that he is aware that Anson doesn’t drive and he offered his services to him to help search for Molly but that his offer went unnoticed and didn’t get a reply.

That’s his word against Ansons. Perhaps Anson didn’t check his messages. There is a picture of Molly on her facebook where she is excited about a dress that she scored from Goodwill. It looks like a wedding dress. She referred to it as a ball gown. Why hadn’t they gotten married?  Maybe they were waiting for the house to be completed.

It’s strange but I have no gut feeling on this story. Everybody has their teeth.  Nobody looks like they are on drugs. I know this project is taking forever!  I couldn’t live like that. I’d be stressed from that alone.

When I first read the story I thought,  Let me know when the boyfriend is arrested. But afterwards reading the post about cancer,  I kinda changed my tune on it.


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So I decided to post the screenshots that one of my readers provided.

I honestly just don’t see any cause for alarm with his post.

My complete thoughts are on the front page of this site. (Molly May have committed suicide.)