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You will see two stories into one here.
The titled story is below this segment…

{Alright so I’m posting this screen shot of Ansons page after Molly went missing. Thanks to Sharon for submitting it.

People behave differently at stressful times for sure. But dammit man. Really?  He was so cavalier in his questioning. Sounds like he wasn’t missing much. Aye anybody seen my red socks with the Batman on em?  Lol Anybody seen my Black bandana with the skulls?  Anybody seen the black pepper? Anybody seen Molly?  They sound the same to me. I know I know, I’m being dramatic and probably stretching a bit. But come on. This post he made was a little Odd. But I’m guessing how would I have reacted if my husband went missing?

Maybe Molly was a pill to him and he was used to her throwing tantrums and leaving. Just think. He didn’t bother to go after her. He didn’t bother to go after her? If I left throwing a massive tantrum and my guy didn’t come after me full throttle, I’d have a cow. Come on. Everybody knows that when your girl is upset and she storms out, that she wants to be chased. You don’t keep cooking dinner dammit. You go get your girl. I’m not saying that a fight took place. I wasn’t there.  But think though. Why didn’t he go after her?  It’s easy to say that perhaps she left and he didn’t notice until a few minutes later and by that time she was already out of sight. He possibly took a stroll outside looking for her and when he couldn’t find her, he returned back inside and figured she’d surface. Sounds good?  He waited all night and decided not to call anyone because that’s just typical of her to try to make him worry. Right?  So no need to get her parents involved in their quarrel or foolishness. So he stays silent and keeps up appearance that everything is fine.

All night he keeps up appearance. We don’t know if anyone in the family or friends was contacted that night do we?  Imagine if he didn’t call anyone that night. Imagine that he didn’t want to worry anyone. Imagine if he decided to go to sleep knowing that or thinking that or assuming that Molly was with a friend of hers.

Who would that friend be and was that friend called?  Because THAT’S what a man does who loves his woman. He checks up on her even when she’s being a brat. Even if he doesn’t get to talk to her, he just wants to know where she is. He wants to know she’s safe. Can that friend come forth and say,  YES HE CALLED ME and I told him that she wasn’t here? Then that facebook post SHOULD HAVE been made that night, all night, all morning and all afternoon. The parents should have been called immediately. The FIRST night she went missing,  EVERYBODY IN TOWN that knows them should have gotten word that Molly was missing.

Agree or no?
Look, if this young lady killed herself, the evidence will show that. But if you look at it from what’s typed above,  that’s reason for concern. I’m satisfied with him being innocent,  but I’m glad he’s not my boyfriend. Frankly he waited too long.

Actual letter from parents that made me think maybe it’s a suicide. 

This letter prompted this blog. 

From the letter it seems that this was the case. This seems to be a private family and that’s OK. The fact that they are choosing to support the fiance means they must not think he had anything to do with her death.

I don’t know what the point of all this was. Once again it makes no sense to go missing ONLY to kill yourself. That’s rather dramatic and perhaps she wanted more attention and to actually make the news. I’m not being rude. But there are many people who kill themselves every day and they don’t make the news. If she killed herself, either she or her fiance wanted to make this public. They didn’t have to do it like this.

Maybe they wanted something from the public and that was just so that people could know her name.
Regardless, an autopsy is scheduled to take place soon to determine the exact cause of death.
Usually I jump all over people and start accusing them immediately. I’m trying to be a better blogger by being reasonable in my speculation. This story still is weird as hell, and from the way it was told doesn’t add up. But then even I can’t argue with facts. That autopsy should clear everything up.