Las Vegas, NV – Mark Peplowski, a local attorney and political science professor at the College of Southern Nevada, has been arrested for having sex with a prostitute in public near a homeless camp.

He is also accused of picking up a prostitute on Fremont Street and having sex with her in the same location. That sex act was also in full view of the public.

According to a declaration of arrest, Las Vegas police were tipped off to Peplowski’s alleged fondness of prostitutes by a Clark County inmate. The inmate also claimed the lawyer/professor and a prostitute were involved in criminal activity involving fraud/identity theft. 

They followed him on two occasions, June 8, 2017, and July 19, 2017. Both encounters with prostitutes on those dates were recorded on camera by the police.

Peplowski, who is a graduate of Boulder City High School, was booked into the Clark County Detention Center last week. 

This is not the first time that Peplowski has been arrested for using the services of a prostitute, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

He was also arrested during a sting operation in 2006. He was a pro tem judge at the time for Las Vegas Justice Court. He has also served as a political analyst for a local television station. 

College administrators moved to fire Peplowski after the arrest in 2006. But, the college president later retracted the order to fire him.

CSN has confirmed that they have a political science professor on staff named Mark Peplowski but has no comment about the arrest. 

Peplowski was charged with open or gross lewdness. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Feb. 22.

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