In this video I’m wearing no makeup. Matter of fact, I’m not glammed at all. It feels good to just be me. No extras. So I randomly decided to ask ERICK what his makeup regimen was and well The answer had me cracking up. 

Looking at him you might not think he’s funny. But OMG this guy is hilarious. People see him at times and their guards go up because well… 

They assume that because he’s a black guy that he’s aggressive, a bully, a thug and some other stereotypical foolishness. Truth is?  He’s just another man. Just a guy. That’s all. Just a cool cat who brightens my life. I LITERALLY don’t know what I’d do without my bear. 

As women we need to talk good about our fellas. If you have a good man, don’t be afraid to tell him and tell the world. Some women can’t say anything positive about themselves much less their partner. I think we should give people their flowers while they are alive. 

I think that sometimes we forget that men have feelings too. They care, they feel and can be emotional. My hubby cries just like me. Hell that dude cries all the damn time. 

I remember when Snoop Doggs grand mom died. People were shocked. OMG 😱 he cries?!?!  Uh-huh yeah dummy. He cries. He loves his family. I like showing my chocolaty hubby off because he LOOKS like what many people fear but he’s NOTHING like you’d imagine. People tell him all the time,  I thought you were like this or that and it’s so fucking annoying.  It’s so stupid to see that dark skin is still a threat. Why?  How the Fuck can skin color be a threat when a white man shot and killed 60 people and injured 500 +?  We need to get over the ignorance of classifying behavior according to pigment. Haven’t we learned that skin color doesn’t matter? 

Wouldn’t it be great to be judged by our character and not our skin color?  Erick was in the store the other day and a cop who was about 5’6 looked frightened at him. All my hubby did was walk into the store and THAT was enough to sound the alarm. Lol BIG BLACK MAN ALERT. DARK SKINNED MAN ENTERING THE BUILDING!  📢📢

SO Erick saw the discomfort in the guys face and decided to speak to him to try and relax his mind. The officer seemed calmer. What the hell?  Imagine being in this situation. The man can’t help his size but because you’re an idiot, he has to try to make you realize that he’s not going to hurt you. He’s at the Gas Station to get a cup of coffee and some GAS!!!!  

I can’t lie though. I’ve seen some black guys and I was like, lemme check that window and make sure my shit right.  Lol 

When I first met the Bear I was like,  THAT’S A BIG DUDE. I was going from a guy who was 5’6 140 pounds to a man 6’2 240. I told him I didn’t want to see him in an alley. But hell I ain’t tryna see nobody in the alley. I’m trying to think though. When I see white men who are large, do I get nervous?  Hmm. It depends on what I’m doing. Honestly I’ve found that the smaller guys are the worst. OMG they are the most terrible little things to deal with. I used to date short guys when I was trying to prove to the world that I’m not a shallow little twat and they were ALL horrible. Just rude and constantly trying to prove that they were men. Then I created this rule. I wanted 6 foot and up. I was tired of short guys and their inflated egos and I wanted me a real man. Lo and behold,  I met my hubby. 1998. That’s a long time to know someone.