Are you bored and want to watch me and my hubby?  Well now you can. Lol that’s right. There’s 5 minutes of verbal abuse, laughter and just being an all around crazy couple. 

I love being married to this guy. ❤❤❤
Being married to anybody who makes you laugh is awesome. And I’m so fortunate to have a good guy. Thank fucking goodness. 

Relationships are so simple. Find somebody who likes what you like, have sex with them, hang out, argue if you disagree, sleep in the same bed if you want, make sure they ACTUALLY LIKE YOU BACK, and you’re in a good relationship. I’ve been in all the other types. Folks I loved or thought I did, but they didn’t like me, like they really didn’t like me at all. People who liked me but I was like, no thanks. It’s all a full circle. It feels great to be with someone who loves me back. 

I wish that for everyone. I see so many single women around and trust me, being single is OVERRATED unless you know you’re a piece of shit and the world could do better without you. But if you’re a good woman or man, you DESERVE somebody good. Somebody great even. But only you can decide that for yourself. You have to KNOW what you want and don’t settle until you get what you want. 

We are lucky to have each other. My hubby is the most consistent person I’ve ever met. He hasn’t changed at all in the 19 years I’ve known him. We separated for 4 years and when we decided to try again, he was THE SAME GENTLEMAN he’d always been. I’m not bragging am I?  

Hell no. That man isn’t perfect at all.  by a long shot. But for some odd reason, he likes me. The psycho keeps looking at me and I’m guessing I’m supposed to be a wife or something. I tried being a Ho. I’m not good at that. (OK I kinda was) but that gets old.  I tried being a baby momma, and that wasn’t good. Being a wife is fun. I’ve written my own definition of what a wife is and that works just fine. We’ve redefined our relationship and now we have a happy medium. He does whatever it takes to make Ericka happy and he’ll have a happy life. 😂 

Ahhh ❤❤❤ 

Honestly though, all jokes aside. I think the problem with finding happiness is STANDARDS. Our standards are too high. I’m not suggesting that we settle. But I think that we forget what’s most important. Sometimes we choose a mate because he or she is great in bed. Sometimes we choose a partner because they have money. Sometimes it’s because of high education, a nice car, a big family or good credit. And we wonder why they don’t last. You cannot base a relationship on that. Those are all TEMPORARY things. They can and will change. 

Maybe you’re the superficial type and the only thing that matters to you is money. That’s fine. Then sleep With it, talk to it, Fuck it, marry it, Have babies with it, agree to spend the rest of your life with it. Ask that it hold you when you’re scared, alone, sick etc. Let me know how bags of cash feel when you snuggle up next to it every night. 

We have to go deeper in our search for companionship. We have to stare into eyes. We have to talk. We have to attempt to open ourselves. Then and only then will we be receptive to receiving real love. 

Jay Z just revealed that he cheated on his gorgeous wife Beyonce. What the hell?  Many of us knew he’d do it because that’s what he does. He cheats. And her beauty and success made no difference at all because it’s not about her. He’s the problem. He speaks on looking at himself for the first time ever and he was able to see his own faults. He went to therapy and he made the thing right. Would he ever cheat again?  Who knows?  But at least now he’s trying to be a man and look at himself for the confidence boost that he needs instead of looking for somebody else to make him feel alive. That’s the difference between men and boys. 

I’m lucky to have a man. I’ve had men of the right age but the wrong mentality and let me tell you, they are draining. They take EVERY OUNCE OF you in order to feel good about themselves, but then they run off and seek approval from others. You ever felt that way?  Giving and giving to someone only to have them act like you don’t exist after they have used all of your resources? You are left on Empty and they are full. That’s no way to love. Love isn’t draining. It replenishes you. It restores you. It makes you feel healthy. It’s comforting. 

Love never depletes.