How was your Christmas?  Well mine was boring as hell just the way I liked it. I didn’t do anything at all. Didn’t want to be bothered. Yes I’m guessing that a little excitement might have gone a long way, but at the same time, I just wanted to relax with my hubby. 

I wish I’d been a part of this story. They seemed to have had a little fun at Walmart that lead to their arrest. Nothing like a nice Christmas day arrest and an adorable mugshot to accompany it. Just look at these faces.


 Slidell, LA – Police in Slidell, La., arrested four women following a large fight inside of a Walmart.

Police say the fight happened around 1 p.m. Saturday.

According to police, they received several calls about the large fight in the produce section. Callers also told police that some of the people were using pepper spray.

The fight involved more than 10 people and two of the people involved in the fight were taken to a nearby hospital for minor injuries.

Police later arrested four women in connection with the fight. Police have charged 19-year-old Alexis Neal of Slidell, 38-year-old Majara Walker of Slidell, 17-year-old Seanice Warren of St. Louis, Mo., and 22-year-old Morgan Walker of Slidell with disturbing the peace by fighting.

Investigators say the fight began due to a previous conflict between two different families. By chance, the two groups encountered each other in Walmart.

Walmart was technically built for these things. I along with these girls know the extreme benefits of acting up in a Walmart. It’s the only store where you can clown around and NOBODY CARES. I think it’s expected for you to see sword fighting, chasing your children around with foam sticks, humping teddy bears, testing out your bra in the open instead of the dressing room because you know they are watching on camera. Acting suspicious ON PURPOSE just so they can call security to attention on YOUR aisle. Ahhh the joys of Walmart. These ladies will have a great story to tell their kids. The day they got arrested for fighting in Walmart. 

Let’s sign these chicks up for an appearance on family feud. Seems like they’ve had conflict for a long time. Theres only one way to solve it.