So yes I’m just saying. They really have been getting on my nerves. I decided to visit a month ago because FINALLY we have one on our side of town. Yay!!!!!  ??? Boo! If you’re in the Orlando area near Florida Mall between Oakridge road and Sandlake, they are nestled right next to a bowling alley and rib joint. 

They are ALWAYS BUSY.  And the food is home style Caribbean, Latin, Puerto Rican, Inspired with Chinese and American mixed. You can’t go wrong with anything you order. So when I find out one is coming near me,  I started running my fat mouth. And now???  Ericka has to say,  what the Fuck have I done? If I’m bragging about this food and it tastes like shit, what will people think about me and my cooking?  I’m embarrassed to say, this restaurant has really gone down hill in 2 months. They’ve been at the Lee Road location for less than 3 months and they are already getting a 1 🌟 rating. Why?  Because they are serving food that is either piping hot with no flavor or it’s fried and overcooked. 

The discontent I feel about this situation leaves me speechless. I just can’t understand how someone can mess up oxtails?  They taste so good when seasoned properly. Why oh why would you just completely ignore ADOBO? 😂😂 WHY did you bypass the salt and garlic and onion powder?  Why did you skip past making a delicious thick gravy? Why is it just oxtails floating in dark oily juice?  Why are they doing this to me? 

What happened to the SEAFOOD?  WHY DID THE ZUCCHINI look so ugly today? What’s really going on in this world?  I’m left to believe that there IS A GOD and he’s pissed at me. I’m thinking he hates me and is punishing me through the food that he knows that I love. He’s fucking up my week. 

El Palacio needs to stop skimping on the fresh ingredients. They need to stop. I only have one life to live and they aren’t gonna be a part of it if they don’t get their shit together! 

The restaurant business is booming. They are popping up all over my city and I’m ecstatic. There is plenty of competition. But nobody has food like El Palacio. So when you have a new form of cuisine enter your community, everyone rushes to try it out. 

Will I ever return to that location?  Probably not. I don’t mind getting screwed once, but twice?  I can’t do it. If I see their reviews stay positive for 3-6 consecutive months, then I’ll consider trying it again. Until then I’ll tell my readers, visit At your own risk. You will be getting a knock off of the original. Knock offs aren’t terrible, but sooner or later they’ll be exposed for the fakes that they are. Lol