I can’t help it guys. I’m loving my booty in this dress. I was at the park today and my daughter decided to film my ass while I was walking.
I got this dress from Ross and it’s so comfortable. It’s very short because I’m kinda tall, but I love this look.

So I gotta tell this story. NOT that it matters but it was funny. I’m in the grocery store shopping with my hubby and girls and there’s this guy there with his girlfriend. I’m minding my own business. I’m just doing me and being Ericka and shopping. Eggs were expensive as hell and my budget wouldn’t allow it. I see this guy put his hands on his petite girlfriends butt. He’s being all pda… Ish with her and it’s cool by me. I could care less. I love seeing happy couples. 

Well all of a sudden somebody is whistling and I keep hearing it. It sounds like a catcall whistle. I don’t think anybody is trying to talk to me because I’m right beside ERICK. The noise is annoying me though so I look at Erick and I’m like,  who is whistling. He says, it’s the guy with his girlfriend. I guess he’s whistling at her. 

I’m like whatever. I’m looking at meats and then flaky biscuits. I notice the couple again. I say, excuse me and go around them. I’m not thinking about anything other than shopping and getting out the store. Apparently something was going on that I didn’t notice. HE WAS LOOKING AT ME and she pulled his arms and pulled him closer. 😂 I missed all of that. Erick and my daughter noticed it. She gave me a dirty look. WTF!!!???  What did I do?  I’m just being me. Why is she now glaring at me like I’m trying to steal her man?  I don’t want him. I don’t know him. He was looking at me. Erick says he was staring me down. OMG guys. Can I go anywhere?  

I usually try to wear T-shirts and jeans. Very casual and chill. Nothing provocative because I’m not liking attention that much. However, my grandma told me today,  Honey show it while they are still looking!!!!!  😢😍😍😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m dead. So here’s to my booty and watching it jiggle. When I’m 50 nobody will be looking at my old ass.  So check it out now. Ericka has a booty and she ain’t afraid to show it.