So if you haven’t been listening or paying attention to the news, let me help you. Roy Moore was running for Senate in Alabama against Democrat Doug Jones. 

This race was considered extremely important for The GOP. ALABAMA is typically A RED state which means they usually vote Republican. Trump had his eye on this election and even went so far as to endorse Moore. 

Allegations arose of sexual misconduct from several girls pertaining to Roy Moore.  And strangely enough, these allegations didn’t arise until he was running. So many people are highly skeptical as to whether these allegations are true. 

A total of 9 women came forth. 3 accused him of sexual assault. 

Of the three women who accused him of sexual assault, Leigh Corfman said that Moore sexually assaulted her in 1979, when she was 14 and he was 32. Moore denied knowing or having contact with Corfman, although her mother confirmed their meeting. Beverly Young Nelson said that, in December 1977 or January 1978 when she was 16, Moore sexually assaulted her. She said that when she fought him off, he eventually gave up, telling her, “You’re just a child, I’m the district attorney. If you tell anyone about this no one will ever believe you.” Moore denied Nelson’s accusations and that he even knew her at all. Tina Johnson alleged that when she was 28 in 1991, she had visited Moore in his law office for a legal matter. She said Moore flirted with her, asked questions about her young daughters, and grabbed her buttocks as she left.

Moore has offered contradictory responses on whether he knew his accusers. He had said on November 10 that he did “recognize” the maiden names of Debbie Wesson Gibson and Gloria Thacker Deason (Both Gibson and Deason had alleged that Moore had dated them when they were 17-18) and remembered both of them “as a good girl”. Regarding if he had dated Gibson, Moore said “I can’t recall the specific dates because that’s been 40 years.”[124] On November 27 and November 29, Moore took a different stance, repeatedly stating “I do not know any of these women” while also saying that “pictures of young children – whose names are not mentioned and I do not know – appear conveniently on the opposition’s ads … These allegations are completely false.”

But now let’s go a step further. He denied the allegations. However,  he never denied the fact that he did indeed date teenagers. Now let’s think. BOTH PARTIES HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO PLAY DIRTY RIGHT?  SO why hasn’t any dirt come up on Obama, Bush, McCain, Romney? They all ran for office and everybody knows that ANY AND ALL DIRTY LAUNDRY will be aired if it’s found. So… Why didn’t those men have sexual allegations against them?  Bill Clinton dealt with allegations during his campaign for president. Those allegations came from a grown woman who stated that she had an affair with him. That’s not against the law. I’m certain folks knew that JFK was a womanizer right?  But no sexual misconduct charges right?  He had consensual relationships with grown women who knew he was married. He didn’t grab women by the pussy. 

Doug Jones. Why didn’t they find any dirt on him?  I’m certain they looked. I’m certain that they searched high and low and came back empty. 

See folks, this isn’t A DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN thing. This is Decent, decency, respectable human being thing. Let’s not get crossed up in politics when it comes to Good behavior. It doesn’t matter the party. IF ANY party has someone running for office with sexual misconduct allegations, you cannot vote for that person. 

Trump SHOULD NOT be in office. He’s in office because people got lazy and didn’t vote. We fucked up. Trump is a disgusting pig and doesn’t deserve to be in the White House where Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama and other presidents made great changes for this wonderful country. 

Trump is no hero. And he endorsed another Sexual predator just like himself. 

People are saying that the allegations are false. Basically grown ass women are willing to believe the predator over the child. These women who voted for Trump and Moore are pure TRAILER TRASH. They aren’t worth the ground I spit on. And this isn’t about them being Republican. This is about them turning their backs on innocent children. Just because the legal consenting age in Alabama is 16, doesn’t mean it’s not disgusting for a 37 year old attorney to be flirting and hitting on children. These girls were 14 and 16 when he sexually assaulted them. 

Why didn’t they come forth before?  He was just an attorney. But once they saw that this man could have real power some day, they all spoke up. And I believe every word they are saying. Every assault doesn’t end up in arrest. This man used his position and influence against these young girls. He threatened them and intimidated them. He probably have a gift or two. So why wouldn’t we believe them? 

 And it’s sad when I see women who obviously would sleep with their own brothers and cousins and think it’s cute defend these low lives like Moore. 

What kind of woman are you to vote for Trump?  What kind of woman are you to support a Bill Cosby?  We’ve seen Kevin Spacey get booted from Netflix because of sexual misconduct allegations. Yet,  Trump still keeps his job. How is that possible?  I’m not a fan of many women because most of them are dumb. 

They support rapists, child molesters, and basically anybody who committed a heinous crime against a child. Trump is clearly a pervert. He thinks its OK to grope women and he’d have sex with his own daughter if she’d allow him to. Women who condone this behavior are possibly defending their own attackers. They are possibly defending the man who sexually assaulted them. Many times people who don’t get help from their own trauma tend to be highly insensitive to others. Many of these women are married to predators and they’d stay with them knowing their potential for harm. 

This guy Moore knew he had a great chance of winning because he knows how people think. The same for Trump. The good usually sit back and HOPE for something good to happen. Meanwhile the losers know that they have to MAKE things work in their favor. But Moore was wrong. And Trump was also. Trump couldn’t help but endorse him because to frown upon His behavior would shed even more light upon Trumps behavior. That would have made him a hypocrite to force Moore to step down when he himself was facing the same allegations. Ivanka Trump stated that Trump raped her. But if you’re a Trump supporter you don’t want to hear that. For some strange reason, politics makes certain folks deaf, dumb, and blind. 

Let’s talk about fake news. 

Why would the media try to portray Trump as a bad guy?  Well first of all, the media is ran by people. And those people have their own views. They have their own opinions. But when it comes to Donald, nobody has to make anything up about him. He has given us enough from his own words. 

From saying that he and his daughter share sex in common to being on Howard Stern and calling his daughter voluptuous. He even stated that if she wasn’t his daughter, he’d be with her. Do you recall the 10 year old girl who he told her that in 10 years she’ll be dating him? What kind of man says this to a child?  That means he’s looking at that child in a sexual state. He’s a pedophile. 

I’m married and my husband has never called our daughters sexy, voluptuous, or made jokes about being with them if they weren’t his daughters. Howard Stern called Ivana a piece of ass and her father Donald Trump allowed the entire thing. He allowed his own daughter to be objectified. What kind of man does that?  

A father is supposed to protect his daughters virtue. 

I know this country ain’t that bad. Trump winning was a fluke. The trailer park dogs all got together and hit the polls.  Is trailer trash harsh?  Well yeah because there are decent people who live there. BUT honestly, backwoods, trailer trash, poor minded, no class alcoholics voted Trump into office. Black people hardly voted. We didn’t think he’d win. 

 John McCain and Mitt Romney told Roy Moore to drop out of the race. Why didn’t he?  He wasn’t interested in unifying the party. He was interested in power. Romney and McCain are decent guys and even though I’m Democrat, depending on the candidate, I’d vote for either of these guys over Trump.  

I’d rather have Osama Bin Laden as my president than Trump. I don’t like perverts. I hate sexual deviants. I’d vote for a bank robber, a jewel thief, an undercover racist, drug dealer, con artist, I’d go through 4 more years of Bush, I’d rather the Florida Governor Rick Scott to be president. I don’t like Trump. He’s the worst President this great nation has ever had. 

Kicking Moore down before he can get in is the best thing ever. Because once you let his type in he will destroy the fabric of society. He’s against Jews, Gay’s, blacks, me, anybody with common sense, and the list goes on. 

I can’t wait for 2020 to get that piece of shit out of the White House. I will definitely be voting. 

People we need to understand. Once again. Regardless of your party affiliation. If your candidate is a loser, then please vote for the better person. Stop voting based on party. If your candidate is a bum, pervert, and just all around asshole, choose somebody else.