In April 2017, Bianca Innes found a small lump on her breast. After multiple tests, second and third opinions and many tears, Bianca was diagnosed with Grade 3, Stage 2b triple positive Breast Cancer. Out of the 17,586 women this year in Australia who will be diagnosed with breast cancer, only 1 of those diagnosed will be 20 years or younger. Sadly, that 1 person is Bianca.

I think it’s so important to help if there’s ever a story that touches your heart. I lost my mom to Cancer and you never get over it. 

We cannot help EVERYONE but we can help just one. 

I cannot imagine going through this at 20. That’s before my children, before my life really began and started having a little meaning. 

Many of you probably donate to Cancer research or other medical institutes that help cancer patients of all ages. And if you do,  THANK YOU!  BUT if you’ve never taken the time to donate to this cause, please consider it today. 


You can read Her entire story and follow her journey. A journey that many of us will never take. She’s on Instagram. Maybe you can stop by and give an encouraging word. 

Also, there’s power in spreading the word. So even if you can’t donate, by all means, share her story with your friends. Share it on twitter. Just share it. 

Just right click that link above and share it. 😊