This is so sad. How long has she been on drugs? She looks great. I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover. Guys isn’t she adorable? I just honestly am having a hard time with this story because looking at her, She looks so sweet. I’m used to seeing drug users who look like walking death. She’s the person I’d try to change and try to help before she just got all lost and unattractive. Damn If you can’t stop for any other reason other than Looks,  then let that be the motivator. 

A high school teacher was arrested for drug possession after students recorded her snorting a powder in her classroom.

Pupils at Lake Central High School in Indiana stood outside the room where Samantha Cox, an English teacher, took herself and what appeared to be drugs into the corner. They told school officials what they saw before police arrived and marched 24-year-old Cox out of the school in handcuffs Wednesday afternoon. Police said that the powder is believed to be a mixture of cocaine and heroin. Cox now faces drug possession and drug paraphernalia charges, leading St. John Police Chief James Kveton to praise the students who brought her alleged habit to light.

“Their actions showed a tremendous amount of fortitude and integrity and enabled staff to address the situation properly,” he said in a statement.

One student, John Rogers, told WBBM that Cox “tried to hide herself” while snorting the substance.