So I’m all about getting protection when you need it. And I’m hoping that Jennifer really needs it and that shes not just applying for it because of the break up. 

Another thing,  dammit I thought they were married. 10 years engaged? That’s ridiculous. I’m not letting anybody put me on hold for 10 years and I’m sure as hell not gonna give anybody that kind of time to lock me in. 

So they split after 10 years and their child David Jr is caught between mom and dad’s mess. Poor little guy. 

Kids don’t deserve this. And the thing that sucks is, will we ever know if DAVID is abusive? What I’m struggling with. After the protective order was granted, Jennifer later modified it to what you see below. She’s granting Her ex permission to spend time with their son. Hmmm, sounds fair and logical right?  But if he’s physically or emotionally abusive, why would she allow this? Abuse hurts the child as well, so it’s not just about keeping mom safe, it’s about keeping you both safe. 

In 2008, Jennifer Hudson lost her mother, brother, and nephew to a violent murder that was handed down from An ex of her sister. Jennifer stayed out of the spotlight for about 3 months. And honestly we held our breath because we didn’t know what to expect. David was there for all of that. Was he a good man? Well let’s see.

In a statement to TMZ, which was sent from David’s lawyer, he denies all allegations, specifically that he pushed Jennifer Hudson, saying, “At no time did Mr. Otunga ‘physically push’ Ms. Hudson as she has alleged.”

In court docs, Hudson claimed that David was angry she was at the studio with music producer Mali. However, Otunga’s lawyer claims he was upset their 8-year-old son was at the studio so late — reportedly, it was 12:30 a.m. — on a school night. TMZ also reports, “David says he’s been their child’s primary caregiver since birth because Jennifer’s on the road a lot, and he scoffs at her new claim in legal docs that she’s the primary caregiver.”]

So he’s denying any wrong doing. 

 According to documents filed in Chicago, Hudson was granted an emergency order of protection after filing on November 16.

Hudson claims on November 15, Otunga pushed her while she was holding their child. She says, “I am afraid that D. Otunga will continue to physically intimidate and abuse me. He has a history of physical and emotional abuse, and I am afraid that his physical attacks will continue to escalate, especially due to the contentious nature of our parentage proceedings.”

Do I believe her?  No. I think she’s doing this to control the outcome of the custody battle. She automatically gets the up and up if she claims abuse. Could I be wrong?  Duh, of course. Women have been known to tolerate tons of physical abuse and never report any of it. But I can’t believe that this is Jennifer. I don’t think she’d hide this information or stay in an abusive relationship just to save face. She’s too strong for that and she’s been that way for years. Jennifer has always had a good head on her shoulders and the first sign of abuse, she would have left. 

So I’m calling BS On the abuse because of her character. I’ve never seen one sign of weakness in that girl. Her allegation that he pushed her while holding the kid, I just can’t fathom it. With her history and KNOWING that her sisters ex killed her mother, she’d bail quickly. Now let me be fair. Could David be abusive and things just hit that point where he’s starting to click and act stupid? Yes. But I don’t think she’s been enduring abuse over the last ten years and FINALLY is coming out about it. I think at the worst, She wants custody and doesn’t want to pay child support or lose control of her son. 

Lying is not the way to do it. If David is a good man and she’s using this weapon that so many other women used to win custody battles, then that’s wrong. You don’t lie on your child’s father because it hurts both the child and the relationship with their father. It’s a shitty thing to do. If David Jr never witnessed his father being spiteful or hurtful towards his mom, he’ll grow to resent her for the lies and He’ll cling more towards his dad. 

Women who have any decency, if they are mother’s, HATE LOSING their kids. It’s something we can’t deal with. And we will do anything to win. If you’re familiar with Tamar Braxton, she’s filed for divorce from her long time abuser,  Vincent Herbert. And yes he is an abuser. He’s emotionally, and physically abusive as well as verbally. I’ve seen it time and time again from him. Not physical activity obviously, but on their show, he’s a jerk. Well immediately after Tamar filed for Divorce, her mother spoke publicly regarding her fear for Tamars life. She states that shes afraid that Vincent will kill Tamar and that she doesn’t want him near her daughter. 

Do I think that’s extreme? Maybe. Because you never know what’s in a person’s head. But I think at worst,  Vincent just wants to control her. He wants to hurt her because he’s secretly jealous of her. He knows she can do better. I mentioned on an earlier blog about their story and I think that Tamar should give him full custody of Their son Logan. Why?  It takes back all power and he’ll have none. He’ll have the child, but he won’t have her. Logan is just bait. 

Do I think that Jennifer should do the same?  Well, considering that there are so many men out there who refuse to claim their kids, we shouldn’t be punishing the good guy who wants to have his child. If Jennifer is busy traveling and continuing to make a name for herself,  then she should give David full custody and see her son as much as possible. It doesn’t make any sense to fight for custody if you’re going to be turning your child over to day care workers or even extended family while you work. That child could be spending quality time with their other parent. If David is good, give him the boy. We shouldn’t be automatically giving mothers full custody simply because they are mothers. 

You cannot have it all. You can’t be 100% parent AND a successful career woman or man. You will sacrifice something over the other. That’s the choice you made when you decided to get pregnant knowing you were a professional singer, actor, model, attorney, doctor. Those are demanding jobs. If you don’t want to compromise your relationship with your children,  be a NOBODY like me.  Lol I’m certain my kids are tired of seeing me. I’m home all day,  EVERY DAMN DAY! But that’s the way I like it,  (most of the times). My life is for my children until they Are all adults. 

It baffles me when I see women who are powerhouses get upset when parenting gets in the way of their careers. Either Be like Oprah and flat out swear off kids or have children and shut the fuck up.  

If I had to do it again,  Hell no I wouldn’t have children. But there are no do overs. We make our beds and we must lay in them.  

I hope Jennifer is telling the truth because I’d hate to see this mans image tarnished because she wants to win. That would be shameful.