Champaign County, IL – A Berks County, Pennsylvania, man choked a female friend and ultimately snapped her neck after she rejected his marriage proposal, Upper Macungie Police told NBC10.

Christopher R. Tucker, 34, of Albany Township, has been charged with murder and criminal homicide for allegedly killing 19-year-old Tara Serino, state police said. She was last seen by her family very early Monday.

Tucker asked Serino to marry him at his Berks County home some time between Monday and Tuesday, Upper Macungie Police said. She said no and then told him she was sleeping with other men, police said.

Then Serino apparently made an off-hand comment that Tucker should kill her.

Tucker allegedly told police he snapped, choking Serino until he thought she was dead. He then poked her eyes out, snapped her neck and beat her with a hatchet, police said.

He wrapped Serino in a rug and left it in his home as he fled to Illinois, police said.

Authorities in Champaign County, Illinois, picked Tucker up at a truck stop after he tried to break into a farmer’s combine and took him to a hospital for evaluation. There police executed an arrest warrant from Pennsylvania State Police.

Troopers searched Tucker’s home following his confession to detectives and found Serino’s body. He’s being held in an Illinois jail. 

Attorney information for Tucker was not immediately available. State police are working to extradite him back to Pennsylvania.

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So she’s basically acting like a hooker. She’s sleeping with multiple men according to him. Because we don’t actually have her story because she’s dead. But let’s say that it’s true. She’s sleeping around and he found out.

She’s a child. Teenage girls can be very promiscuous. And it’s her body so technically she can do what she wants. But Why would a 34 year old man try to have a solid relationship with a teen?  Shes barely legal. That’s selfish for him to steal her youth. And unless she was selling her body for gifts or cash, it’s naive for her to think This guy would do right by her. So why even waste your time with him if you know you’re not serious?  These older men take advantage of young girls. We can call her an adult, but If it were your 19 year old daughter dating a 34 year old, would you condone it or offer your blessing? 

That’s one thing about young ladies. 18-21 they think EVERY man wants them. And many older men do. But that’s not a good thing. He’s proved my point that older men love younger girls because that can control them. She was a free spirit and rejected him. She thought she’d won and maintained a sense of self and independence, however, he got the last brutal word and he gained control after all. Killing her gave him everything he needed.