Haha haha kids are terrible. Poor guy. Maybe the kid deserved it. Maybe not. Either way, a funny story came out in Florida talking about a shortage of school bus drivers. EVERY COMMENT by an adult was like,  “Fuck that,  kids are terrible, I’m not driving those screaming, loud, rude, vulgar things around”. Nobody likes kids. No matter how much they paid,  I’m not driving a school bus. Kids are rude. Most of them are disrespectful know it alls. Aint no way. 

I like MY KIDS because I’ve raised them and they know how to act around me and those I care about. But yalls kids? I don’t know them little creatures. 

Everybody isn’t equipped to handle kids and their needs. It’s not about having a degree, it’s about patience and self control. 

 Gainesville, FL – A Gainesville man didn’t make it through his first day as a substitute teacher in a local middle school classroom, officials said.

Clindon Thomas Middleton, 29, was arrested Nov. 1 after he allegedly grabbed a student by the wrist and twisted the boy’s arm behind him, Gainesville police spokesman Kevin Holbrook told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

Middleton was also accused of inappropriate contact with a second boy at Gainesville Middle School.

Nov. 1 was Middleton’s first day as a substitute and he won’t be back in the school system. 

He was booked into the Hall County jail on charges of simple battery and released on a $5,000 bond, Holbrook said.