Courtesy of News 13 

Two women have been arrested who Orlando Police say tried to tamper with a child victim and keep her from moving forward with a case.

Nichelle Taylor and Natasha Douglas face felony tampering charges in connection to a case involving Antonio Thomas, who was arrested in August on sexual battery and abuse charges, Orlando Police said Wednesday.

Thomas is accused of sexually battering a child under 12. During the investigation, Taylor, who is a relative of the child, did not show up for several interviews at Orlando Police headquarters, officers said.

Detectives said Taylor and Douglas had been trying to silence a girl who came forward with sex abuse allegations against Thomas, the boyfriend of one of the women.

“Basically, they tried to force the victim to write a statement out saying she does not want to move forward with a couple other things,” Orlando Police Sgt. Tami Edwards said. “If you’re a victim of a crime… no one has that right to take away your ability as a person to recover and move forward.”

Douglas has been charged with tampering with a witness, and Taylor has been charged with accessory after the fact to capital felony, harassing a witness and failure to report child abuse.

According to an arrest affidavit, an 11-year-old girl reported to police that Thomas had sexually abused her over a period of time. As officers tried to talk to him during a traffic stop, Thomas told them he was a “sovereign citizen,” and they had no legal authority to hold him, the report said. He became physically resistant, kicking his legs, and repeatedly told officers to kill him.

Thomas was booked in late August in the Orange County Jail for sexual battery on a child under 12, lewd or lascivious molestation and child abuse, among other charges.

“When you take that power away from the victim, again, you are revictimizing her or him. As a member of the police department and special victims unit, we’re going to take this seriously,” Edwards said.

Police said that there may be other victims out there, but do not have any other victims who have come forward.

“This child has now been victimized by several people in her life, and we won’t stand for that,” Orlando Police spokeswoman Michelle Guido said in a news release.

What a set of disgusting hogs. You know, this reminds me of why I don’t trust people that much. 

You will have people in your family who will know that someone is a rapist or child molester and won’t say a thing. They’ll allow that person to come around, they’ll invite them to family functions. People tend to protect their family members And uphold them in their mess. Meanwhile the victim loses their voice. Within the last few years, things like this have surfaced in different parts of my family. You’ll hear a rumor here or there and think on whether it’s true or not. And when it’s not your child, you can’t directly go And ask them what their truth is. It just seems like the older I get, the truth comes out in many areas. I remember going out with some extended family members and wondering to myself,  “Who invited him”? …”didn’t he do blank to blank”? And they all just acted like it was nothing. Maybe they’d forgotten. But I’m STILL AT ODDS with many family members because They talk to The pervert who hurt me as a kid. I can’t sit around and socialize with that thing. If I see that you’re able to move past it, that’s fine for YOU, but not for MY KIDS. Oh hell no. There ain’t no moving past it. 

These women had every opportunity to help this young girl, but they were so busy saving face. We have a responsibility to be there for children who don’t have a voice. No matter the age, we have to validate. In the news there are allegations coming out against several celebrities. Including Kevin Spacey. Who is a great actor. Hell I was FOLLOWING him on social media. Now I’m like, THANKS KEVIN FOR BEING A FREAK! These people aren’t lying. They tend to hold things in up to a certain point, then all of a sudden, it clicks and everything must be dealt with. That’s when it’s time to come clean. And coming clean means NAMING NAMES. If your name gets tossed in the mix, like Bill Cosby, you are guilty as hell. 60 women are not lying on you. 

This brave little girl did the right thing by exposing this ugly POS, unfortunately she told the wrong people. I’m glad that it finally came out. And I’m even happier that the women are charged. My regret is that they didn’t kill the creep.