Does this seal the case for you and erase all doubts? 

We all have our thoughts on this case and I’ve been skeptical from day one. I feel like shit, honestly because I never want to accuse a victim of lying. But it’s not my fault that I have a brain. I’m sorry that it allows me to think and try to rationalize stuff.

I want to believe it. I DO. AND so I’m giving anybody the chance to come on here and set me straight. Please convince me. Help me become a believer. What’s wrong with me where I just refuse to accept this story?  What’s my problem? What’s going on with me where I feel like I have the right to doubt her story? Shouldn’t all of us women stand behind each other? Shouldn’t we give the benefit of the doubt and keep our suspicions to ourselves?  

If the woman says she was kidnapped,  then dammit she was. I’m at home munching on banana chips, dealing with the flu, so I’m hoping that if I can muster up some compassion And TRY to get my personal feelings out of the way, then maybe the god of the Flu will have mercy on me. I’ll say anything to get rid of this headache, body ache, she’s innocent! She didn’t do it! 

I’ll stand on the mountain tops, I’ll scream it to the seven seas,  I’ll say it once and for all. SHE’S LYING! !!!!! I’ll just deal with the flu. 

I’m sorry. I TRIED.  Why did they release this video? Why do they care what the public thinks? I read that it was released to jar someone’s memory. That perhaps something will register with someone who might have seen something but are afraid to come forth. 

Have you checked out the neighborhood near the Kingdom Hall where she’s spotted on camera? Whoever dropped her off really put a lot of thought into it. Lol 

Listen they made sure to let EVERYBODY know that she was a prisoner at one time. They deliberately left all of her chains and shackles attached. That way it would help solidify her story that she was indeed held captive. Because nobody would just disappear away from their children for 22 days unless they were kidnapped. 

BTW Keith is so ugly. 

Also I’ll add the house was purchased in April 2017 for $128,000 outright. So they weren’t able to afford that house before, but after the kidnapping the money magically appears. 

By the way Daily Mail has done a great job talking about the after math with this family.
They have an exclusive interview with the family and you might want to read the details there.