Thanks for sending the video link. 
It’s grainy but you can see someone running.  

Link is to the story

Link is to the video

So after watching the video a few times,  If I didn’t know what the scenario was,  I wouldn’t have thought it was her.
Anybody watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre? 

At the end the girl who was held captive for that night,  surrounded by a bunch of creeps ran like hell to get away from her captors. She was crazy. She was delirious and didn’t think she’d escape, yet she did. 

Lucky for her she found the highway and was able to get help. Whew! 

She wasn’t emaciated and had probably missed only a few meals. So despite the fact that she’d been kept awake all night, only managing to doze off once, I can totally understand why she had so much energy And strength. 

Put yourself in Sherri Papinis shoes. What could we expect from you after your captors released you? 

What I don’t get from watching the video is someone who is physically hurt. I would not have figured this person was just released from captivity. What I don’t get is why stick to the shadows? Follow the light. Why did this person stay so far away from the building? It’s like they didn’t want to be seen by the cameras, but did? Perhaps show just enough, but not too much. I did go back and watch the video and from what I see, the front door was on the opposite side of the parking lot. Yall know I’m terrible with maps, but it looks like whoever it was was, went around to the front entrance of the church. 

I’ve been reading different sites and the skepticism is still there. Despite this video, which should seal the deal, Folks still don’t believe it. 

I’ve had to check myself and go,  “Ericka!! Stop being negative. Who would be out at 4:15 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning jogging around in the dark in parking lots unless they were just released from captivity?”

Why Thanksgiving?  Maybe her kidnappers released her that day because they had to put the turkey in the oven. Technically it takes about 4 hours to cook a turkey so they put it in about 6:00 a.m. I’m going to hell for this. But I still don’t believe it! What will it take? 

Alright so after looking at 13980 County Road 99W in Woodland, there’s nothing there!  SEE for yourself.  If she’s weak, hungry, cold, tired, branded, there’s no need to keep her chained!  You could easily drop her off and still not worry about getting caught. But watch this. You kidnapped her while she was JOGGING. And the one thing that you know she’s good at, when you release her, you don’t take away THAT strength?  You don’t stop her from running? You take her hair,  which has grown back btw, because obviously she’s like Sampson and her hair is her strength. It takes 21 days to break a habit. She was held for 22. 

I still call BULLSHIT! 

I’m trying ok?  I’m trying so hard to believe. I want to. I do.