Why was it revealed to be my husband?  Out of everyone it could have been, it was him. 

I tried to stop him. He wouldn’t listen to me. I’m his wife. It’s October 29, And I’m terrified. I’m horrified. My heart beat escapes me. I can’t stop him. I threaten to leave him if he proceeds. He won’t listen. “PLEASE PLEASE” I beg. He won’t hear any of it. He had no enemies. He has a great job, why is he doing this?  We were trying to build something and he’s willing to throw it all away.  I told him that I had a dream about this man who went on a shooting spree. He was upset over a parking spot. He wanted to park near the back of the building near the aluminum garage door that let’s trucks load and unload. I suppose it’s the loading dock. It had nothing to do with him. It was just a dream about some some random man. I’m sorry I ever told him. Now he’s convinced that HE’S THAT MAN. But he doesn’t have to be. This doesn’t have to happen! 

I was there with my kid. He pointed a gun at me. He held two guns. Two black hand guns. Were his coworkers inside this building?  I don’t know. But he sat in his vehicle watching. I left and went home. I arrived home safely. Something happened and he appeared to be in my complex. Why? Who was he looking for?  Was he on a mission?  Yes. He seemed to be in a trance. There was an unstoppable force driving him. He was missing work, yet he didn’t care. He was scheduled to be in at 3:00, but he didn’t call to state he’d be late.  He didn’t care. Keeping a job was the LAST thing on his mind. His eyes were empty and I knew this.  We could lose everything if he lost his job. He didn’t care. I threatened to leave him if he became unemployed. That went on deaf Ears.  My threats to leave didn’t matter. I was crushed. I knew that if I couldn’t stop him. No one could. He seemed to listen to everyone except me. Especially those who weren’t aware of his agenda. Why am I seeing this?  

The day before, I’d known that he’d been here. I had had another dream. He was in my complex and all I could hear were gunshots. I’d called the cops earlier and they said they’d come out and take a report. At that point nothing had happened other than him pointing the guns at me and my kid. Maybe that’s why they didn’t take me seriously. I hadn’t been injured,  but he’d pulled a gun out.

The gunshots just kept coming and coming. Different directions. Please please please,  I’m so scared. He’s out there shooting and its just a matter of time before he finds us. I’m there with my children. My husband is with me. We are all afraid. It’s not a joke. He’s real. Why are the cops not taking my call seriously?  Why is 911 going to voice-mail?  I’m trying to tell them that there’s a man shooting. I’m trying to tell them to PLEASE COME NOW! Why is My phone acting crazy? 

That was all that I could take. 

I try to mention what had happened earlier when I ran into him. I told the cops that he had two guns and pointed them at me as he sat behind the wheel of his van or huge pickup. He mocked me and smirked. Trying to instill fear. I’d Left and gotten away. Is this him at my complex?  Will he continue shooting until he finds me? 

I’d dreamed earlier that My neighbor was shooting. Who was he shooting at?  I don’t know. I’ve been on edge ever since. Everyday I watch and listen. Nothing has happened because it’s only October 29. There was someone in a costume during that dream. It’s foggy. My memory. 

After I realized that I wouldn’t be able to stop him. I told myself that,  If he wants to die, let it be, but that he had no right to take my life or my children’s. I barely escaped with my kids. I grabbed my phone, chargers, and other items. I drove erratically Through traffic. Trying to avoid being picked up. Trying to find a local police station where I could walk in and report what I knew about my husband. Something happened and I was in a building. My children looked at me. I was on my last leg. I’ve got to get this out. I’ve got to tell somebody. I’ve got to tell someone. Not just save my life,  but possibly save others. They asked what was wrong and I Began to sob. I couldn’t stand. I collapsed on the floor.  I couldn’t speak. I lay face down in the well lit room.  Pride wouldn’t let me tell them that My husband had murder on his mind. I’m out of control. Will they give me a shot to put me to sleep?  Will I wake up and find that they’ve stopped him before he could go on his killing spree? Will I wake up to find out that he’s dead?  I know they are going to kill him. I don’t think he deserves to die. He needs to be stopped. They need to stop him and keep him locked up forever. He will kill if he’s released. 

The fear that we suffered while waiting for him to get to us is indescribable. We could hear the shots getting closer and closer. I could try to make a break for it. We could try to leave and risk being seen and all of his attention would focus on those trying to escape. 

What does it all mean? Dreams are just dreams. We all have them. What sparks such a dream in such an innocent mind?